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2012 Final Blogpoll Top 25 Draft Ballot

The final college football poll of the 2012 season. Feedback is required.

Streeter Lecka

This is your final Blogpoll Top 25 draft ballot. As always, feedback is required.

Potential problems - Stanford at #3 over, say, Texas A&M and Georgia. (Notice that I don't see having Notre Dame drop down to #5 as a problem. I think what we saw against Alabama is that they didn't belong in the national title game.)

Louisville too high? I don't think so. They took on one of the better SEC defenses in the nation and crushed them.

Why is Texas ranked? They did come back and win their bowl game. Why did Northwestern fall despite winning their first bowl since 1949? Because I had them too highly ranked before, maybe? They were 14th in my Week 14 ballot.

Why are teams like Tulsa, Northern Illinois and San Jose State ranked? Because they had good seasons. If you don't like that, give me a real reason as to why they shouldn't be other than "they didn't play tough competition".

Nebraska. Do we really deserve to be ranked? Granted, we played Georgia in a bowl game, which is some pretty decent competition, but are we really deserving of being in the top 25?