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The Reads: Off-Season Plans

The Reads is shifting into off-season mode. Spoiler: Corn Nation isn't going quiet.

The thread is open!
The thread is open!
Eric Francis

Sadly, the 2012 college football season ends tonight with the battle between traditional heavyweights Alabama and Notre Dame. It should be a fantastic matchup (hopefully) and we hope you'll join us here at Corn Nation as we bid college football adieu until August with the last CFB OPEN THREAD of the season.

But just because the games are over doesn't mean Corn Nation is going quiet. On the contrary, we'll continue to provide fresh content for your enjoyment.

Between now and National Signing Day (February 6th), Corn Nation will be your Nebraska recruiting headquarters as Pelini and his staff try to finish off a class that will set the tone for Nebraska for years to come. And not too long after, we'll find ourselves in the midst of spring football and the hype and excitement of the 2013 Spring Game.

In addition to our continued football coverage, we'll also provide analysis of Nebrasketball and the women's basketball teams as they slug their way through the Big Ten with hopes of post-season play.

And starting in February, Corn Nation will be your place for Nebraska baseball news as Devin Darin Erstad* and the Cornhuskers enter their second season in the Big Ten, with eyes on Omaha.

We'll also have community events, such as open threads for major sporting events like the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl and maybe even the MLB's Opening Day! And later this week I'll be putting out a call for recipes for the Corn Nation Cook Book! So don't go away just yet!

*Always get the coach's name right. Journalism 101.

So what does all this mean for the Reads?

Well, the Reads will continue to serve up daily links about all things Nebraska, from academics to athletics, as well as relevant (and irrelevant) sporting news.

In addition, we'll also be designating the daily Reads piece as an "open thread" in response to your request for a place to stay in touch with other Corn Nation visitors during the long off-season.

What does that mean? It means that in addition to commenting on the various articles I link to below, you're invited to check in and say hi to your fellow Corn Nation pals. You can talk about almost anything, from professional sports to the weather.

Essentially, think of it as a daily game thread but with no specific topic. You can talk about the Cubs' World Series run (STOP LAUGHING) or the cool new phone you bought or how work/classes are going. Want to talk about your new combine? Go right ahead!

We only ask for no politics or other hot-button topics of that nature. They only make everyone angry.

We'll continue to have specific threads for televised Nebraska sporting events or other special occasions but outside those threads, consider the Reads a daily game thread to discuss (almost) anything.

So there you go. Read and comment on today's links and say hi to your friends. If you have suggestions for off-season topics, events or activities for Corn Nation, or ways in which we can improve the site, feel free to share them below and in future Reads.

Nebraska football may not play until August but there's a lot of sports to watch, love and discuss until then. We hope you'll join us here at Corn Nation.


UNL Football

We'll know if Pelini was selling us swampland in Maine in about seven or eight months, won't we.

A very thin line between a good class and another 2008 class.

Pick-up #1 from the weekend. Maurice flew under the radar but a review of the tape says that he may have a bright future on the defensive line.

Pick up #2 from the weekend. Collins figures to contribute immediately. Will Nebraska get #3 from Bradley today? Stay tuned.

Nebraska's next jump on offense will come when the line buys time for the QB to throw the ball and not a moment before.

Women's Basketball

A tough loss for Nebraska. They gave everything they had but in the end fell short. Nebraska heads to Indiana this Thursday with tip-off at 5:30pm CT on BTN,

Our very own David McGee got some photos from Nebraska's close loss to Purdue. Take a look!


This one stung - Nebraska was in it. However, in my uninformed opinion, I'm actually kind of excited for the future under Tim Miles - making it to the Dance when the regional comes to Omaha is looking more and more possible, especially once Coach Miles gets a full roster.

UNL Athletics

In case you missed Brandon's reaction to Shawn Eichorst's official introduction as Nebraska's Athletic Steward. I agree with Brandon - I think Eichorst gets it.

The mania that surrounds Husker football somewhat reminds the Wisconsin native of that which surrounds the Packers.

"And I say that not because they’re the only game in the town," Eichorst said. "It’s because they’re owned by the public, and so everyone thinks that they have a piece of that deal. So the care, custody and control of that organization is in the people. And I think you have to be mindful of that."

The potential for a great season lies ahead. Good luck to the whole team, men's and women's!

Nebraska returns a very deep roster and should have another successful season.

Big Ten Conference

While this makes sense, I'd like to point out that by having the semis on December 31st, it kind of kills the interest in the Rose Bowl or any other bowls remaining on the schedule afterwards...Maybe I'm wrong but...

Minnesota is having a very good start to their season.

Michigan meets Nebraska in Ann Arbor on Wednesday.

National News

Congrats to Craig Bohls and the Bison. (Hopefully the NCAA doesn't send their championship materials to the University of North Dakota again.)

Who wants Nebraska to pick up hockey? I do. Plenty of room in B1G's future hockey conference.

This wasn't the school I expected to start off the second round of silly season, but there you go. Syracuse is on the clock now. (Interesting side-thought: NCAA College Football '12 doesn't have "LEFT FOR THE NFL" as a reason for a coach opening. Maybe 2014 will.)

Quite frankly a surprise. But I guess Phil Knight can make those public appearances that Chip seems to not be a fan of worth his while.

Heh, good luck with that.

Alabama's program is ridiculously professional in their approach.

Makes sense - he wasn't projected to go in the first round. Another run to the SEC championship and he could possibly jump to the first round.

I hope A&M doesn't steal our special teams coach.


That's it for today. As I introduced today, it's your open thread, so have at it. I know it'll be awkward at first, but I trust you all will figure out how to make this work.

Have a great Monday and be sure to stop back in throughout today as our brilliant staff churns out content for your enjoyment. And join us tonight as we bid adieu to college football until August.



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