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Saturday Open Thread - Compass Bowl, Huskers WM BB vs Purdue

It's the BBVA Compass Bowl at 12:00 pm on ESPN!

Ole Miss vs Pittsburgh! Why is this game here? Because there's room for it and you're conditioned to watch college football on Saturday. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that you don't have to go cold turkey - ZERO COLLEGE FOOTBALL ON SATURDAY? I THINK I'LL DIE.

What does BBVA stand for? I have no idea.

Where's it at? Birmingham, Alabama.

On today's slate for the Huskers - the women's basketball team takes on Purdue at Devaney Center in a game televised on CBS at 1:05 PM. Except in Omaha, where the game is on channel 3-2 (over the air) or Cox Channel 125.

Both teams are ranked, with Nebraska at 25/19 and Purdue at 14/14. Both teams have a perfect 1-0 record entering the game.

Edit: Also, the FCS National Title game is on ESPN2, starting at 12pm CT. - SCS