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Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma Sooners vs Texas A&M Aggies Open Thread

Join us online for the Cotton Bowl featuring the Oklahoma Sooners vs the Texas A&M Aggies! It's like they never stopped seeing each other!


Contrary to popular belief, tonight's Cotton Bowl will not feature Barney Cotton and sons vs the entire Husker fan base, but instead has been replaced on a duel which might be more popular on a national basis.

Texas A&M Aggies vs Oklahoma Sooners at 7:00 PM on FOX!

Game Preview!

JOHNNY FOOTBALL! Although another year of Johnny Manziel, and you're going to want to see him blown up by multiple linebackers and a defensive lineman using a folding chair.

EDIT (Courtesy of Salt Creek)

ALTERNATIVE TOPICS OF DISCUSSION, in the event either Big Game Bob shows up or Manziel is humanized:

  • Would you be interested in putting together a Corn Nation cook-book? Would you contribute?
  • What kinds of articles or stories would you like to see in the off-season?
  • If we were to host open threads in the evenings or weekends, would you participate? What kind of activities would we plan them around?
  • What are your plans for the off-season?
  • What food product would you assign to each school in the Big Ten?
  • What are your thoughts on Chip Kelly to the Browns?
  • Do you feel bad for Iowa that their last shot at getting Kirk Ferentz hired away just got fired from Kansas City?

The following is a list of reasons to like either team:

As always, play nicely with others and no linking to illegal internet video streams.