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Rex Burkhead Transferring to Kentucky

SATIRE ALERT! Rex Burkhead is leaving Lincoln for Lexington. Is it part of the plan to improve his standing for the NFL draft, or is it love?

Scott Cunningham

The exodus continues. Over the last week, the Huskers have lost two verbal commits (Dominic Walker and Marcus McWilson) and now I-back Braylon Heard wants to transfer somewhere.

Then, suddenly the following bomb was dropped on Twitter.

Yep, Rex Burkhead is transferring to Kentucky for the spring semester. But can he do that? He's out of eligibility. True. But it's not about playing time.

It's about resume building. By transferring now, Burkhead heads to the NFL Combine from an SEC school.

Is that all? Maybe... but maybe there's more. There's this tweet from yesterday...

What's he referring to? The newly separated Ashley Judd? Seriously?

And so Nebraska loses another one. To Kentucky no less. Vince Marrow comes back and bites the hand that once fed him again. Even Superman is bailing on this sinking ship. And Where does this end???