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The Reads: Faster than a Runza

Today's Reads are short and sweet, like a love affair with a Runza sandwich.

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Another day, another Runza plug. I should get paid for this or something.

Nebrasketball lost by scoring fewer points than the other team. It was hard to watch but Tim Miles took the opportunities to coach up his team. Things are still looking up!

(Kentucky may take our players but hell if I'm going to let them take our sunshine!)


Judge rules NCAA athletes can legally pursue television money - ESPN
And so begins the death of the "non-profit" model. Score one for the little guys. Little by little, we'll kill the bowl system, y'all.


Nebraska Football: Where the Fun Never Ends

Looking Ahead to 2013 Husker Football: Offensive Line - Corn Nation
The CN staff is in full agreement - Nebraska's championship hopes depend in no small part on how well the line can shore up its pass protection.


Nebraska Recruiting: How to Become a Recruitnik Part One - Corn Nation
Brandon opens up the classroom and lets you all in on his approach to analyzing recruits. Why not take a look?


Bo Pelini: Huskers' Head Coach Losing Grip on Alma Mater Lockdown - Corn Nation
My theory? The Youngstown Mafia has an annual poker game that Pelini lost over Thanksgiving to Mark Stoops. He gambled away Marrow and the Cardinal Mooney pipeline.


Have you heard the word about Heard?

Braylon Heard to transfer |

The Husker coaches did approach Heard this offseason with the idea for him to take reps at receiver, according to the source. *facepalm*


Youngstown News, Position switch prompts Heard to transfer
Honestly not surprising. But if we send him to Kentucky, woof.


Update: Braylon Heard To..... Kentucky? Someone on Rivals Thinks So... - Corn Nation
As much as I would enjoy watching the meltdown, I really hope Heard doesn't go to Kentucky. I'm sure Ohio or Louisville need another RB, right?


Ashley Judd, Dario Franchitti are splitting - USA Today
Maybe this is why Braylon is transferring?


The Big Ten (An Infinitely Large Value of Ten)

B1G ADs: Geography could drive divisions - Big Ten Blog - ESPN



Ohio State, Michigan recruiting could kick off second 10-Year War -
We'll let their statistical analysis of comparing an AVERAGE of the rest of the conference versus Ohio State/Michgian seperately slide, because frankly, there's nothing new here. The little Ten of the conference need to step up their recruiting. (Sending one of your best recruiters to the SEC is not an example of this. Dumping an unproductive staff member, however, would be.)


Big Ten Power Rankings 1.29.13 - Off Tackle Empire
Not last!


Other News Stories!

The worst game ever: Celebrating the beauty of Northern Illinois' basketball disaster -

And we're not this bad!


Texas legislator files bill to revive Texas Longhorns-Texas A&M Aggies rivalry game - ESPN
Apparently having eyes on Texas-TCU isn't enough. But I'm going to go ahead and point out that I would only watch this to see Mack brown explode.


Bacteria in the atmosphere may be affecting the Earth's climate | The Verge

All I see is "lifetime employment". Maybe I'll be able to afford that food processor after all.


And today's only FanPost report!

CN Cookbook- The Old College Recipes - Corn Nation
AdamTheTitan throws down TWO recipes for the price of one! Just like deals on Ramen! (I did say any kind of food.)

Because I'm nice, it'll still count as two. We're at ELEVEN RECIPES! Nine to go!

(Also thanks to everyone's suggestions last night for how to use pre-made dough!)



From Brian last night...


Here's a thought to end today on:

I've decided Barney is the only thing holding us together. He gives us all something to agree on.

Insert witty retort here.

by Robsa on Jan 29, 2013 9:02 PM EST up reply Star Unrec? 1

Pure wisdom.


That's all for today, everyone! Short and sweet, just like I promised!

This is your open thread!

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