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Kansas State Wildcats vs Oregon Ducks: ALMOST NATIONAL TITLE GAME OPEN THREAD

Join us at CN as we watch tonight's Fiesta Bowl between Kansas State and Oregon! It was almost the national title game!


Welcome to Thursday Night, one that's more Thursday nightish than many other Thursday nights will be for plenty a long time.

IT'S ALMOST THE NATIONAL TITLE GAME and would have been if Kansas State didn't run into Baylor and Oregon didn't run into Stanford and not even play in their own conference title game, but hey, if we ignore that we can pretend it's the national title game because it's a really freaky match up.

RACE CARS vs TRACTORS - Will the little swift ones reach the finish line before they're crushed by midwestern and diesel-fueled rage?

Win or lose, one coach will headed to the NFL, with Kelly having been linked to the Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, and Carolina Panthers. The other will head back to his casket where he'll tuck himself in for a long week full of rest and relaxation. Then he'll emerge, drink four pints of a freshman player's blood and find hisself replenished for yet another year of college football.

The FIESTA BOWL starts at 7:30 PM on ESPN (as if I have to say that again)!!!!

Join us here at Corn Nation for the last Thursday Night College Football of the 2012 Football Season!


You've got time to kill...Read Bill Connelly's preview of Kansas State-Oregon right here. Oh, and if you have more time, lots of links to Smart Football posts about Oregon and K-State.

I challenge all of you to post pictures of cats and ducks. Jon won't even know.