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Update: Braylon Heard To..... Kentucky? Someone on Rivals Thinks So...

If true.... oh dear.

Eric Francis

So, what if I told you that it's possible that Braylon Heard, who has been reported by to be leaving Nebraska, could possibly be considering.... the Kentucky Wildcats?

You're kidding, right?

Well, according to it sure sounds like a possibility.

Now, be very clear on this that we're talking of a message board that is just going off of one person's thought, and I will take this with some kosher grains of salt as well as you should also.

However, considering that Vince Marrow could very well be in the ear of another Cardinal Mooney player to come play for Mark Stoops in Lexington (something that Brandon covered earlier today in detail), it's not out of the possibility I suppose.

Of course, we're still waiting for a confirmation or denial of Heard actually leaving Lincoln, but the longer it goes from not being refuted, the more the possibility exists.

Keep it to CN for the latest, we'll get it to you when we hear it.

UPDATE (7:30PM): It sounds like Braylon was being asked to move to Wide Receiver, according to this Youngstown piece just released. That would have made a third change of position in about a year's time (From RB to CB, back to RB, and then to WR), and in all honesty that would be a reason to bolt enough in my eyes (don't know about everyone obviously).

One thing... planning on staying through the Spring semester? Is that the possibility to keep him in Lincoln? Who knows honestly.