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The Reads: Nebraska Leads in the Battle for the NU!

Nebraska holds a 5-2 lead over Northwestern, with 7 more athletic team events remaining.

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It's okay, Northwestern. You could still, possibly, pull off the upset!
It's okay, Northwestern. You could still, possibly, pull off the upset!
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get started, in light of recent events, I suspect many of you are losing faith in #teamsunshine. Soooo here's a musical number to get your day started!

I'm not worried!


The Battle for the NU!

With Nebraska dramatic win over Northwestern at the Devaney this weekend, Nebraska has improved it's lead over Northwestern to 5-2*.

Nebraska Northwestern To Be Decided
Volleyball Cross Country (M&W) Tennis (M&W)
Women' Soccer Women's Swimming
Wrestling Softball
Football Women's Basketball



(*I'm only counting athletic sports which both schools participate in.)

To win the rights to NU for the 2013-2014 season, Nebraska will need to win 3 of the remaining events.

Go Nebraska! Beat the Wildcats! More!

Best Nebrasketball Ever

Huskers To Tangle with Gophers Tuesday - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT. Join us for a GameThread as we cheer Nebraska on it's next Big Ten win!

Tipoff Time: 8:06 p.m.

Venue: Williams Arena Capacity: 14,625

Huskers on TV/Radio/Internet Television: BTN and BTN2Go

(Ch. 610 on DirecTV; Chs. 439, 9500 on DISH; Chs. 24 and 333-SD, 1333-HD on Time Warner Cable; Chs. 80 SD, 1080-HD on Cox Cable)

Play-by-play: Dave Revsine Color: Jim Jackson

Radio: Across the state on the IMG Husker Sports Radio Network, including KLIN (1400 AM/94.5 FM) in Lincoln, KFAB (1110 AM) in Omaha and KRVN (880 AM) in Lexington. Play-by-play: Kent Pavelka; Color: Matt Davison

Internet Radio/Stats: Free on

Satellite Radio (UM feed): Sirius Ch. 91, XM Ch. 91


Lue Had a Chance to Play Nebraska Football - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Kind of neat. Lue will be inducted into the Nebraska Basketball Hall of Fame in two weeks.

Tyronn Lue recalled Monday his 1996 visit to the office of Nebraska football Coach Tom Osborne, who had seen film of Lue as both a high school quarterback and a major college freshman basketball star. That, in turn, allowed a national championship coach to reach an immediate conclusion. "Coach Osborne told me he knew how much I loved basketball, but he also thought I had the skills needed to become a really good corner, too," Lue said. "I thought about it. I really did. But I kept coming back to having to play in the rain or the snow, and that was probably the biggest reason why I chose basketball over football in the first place."


Nebraska, 64, Northwestern, 49, Final Score - Sippin' On Purple
Saturday's win may lead to Northwestern's basketball coach getting fired, so there's that. Three more wins and the NU is OURS.


Nebraska downs Northwestern: A Husker Hoops Gallery - Corn Nation
David McGee, everyone!



Best Football Team Ever

(**) Feeding juco end's desire to rush QBs -
Selleck is pretty nice!


(**) QB recruit Stanton on the mend, eager for Husker challenge : Husker recruiting
Don't rush that recovery too fast, Johnny. You'll need strong knees to hold all those Heismans!


The Nebraska Recruiting Big Board (1/28/2013) - Corn Nation
We're going to get EVERYONE on the board. Bank it!


Nebraska coaches upset after recruit flips commitment to Auburn

And if the conversation seems one-sided, it's because Pelini and his staff – or any coaching staff, per NCAA rules – cannot comment on a recruit until after national signing day on Feb. 6; typically, on the day prospects begin sending in their letters of intent, a coach will begin breaking down players by name.

See? Everything's fine!


Ross Els Q&A Part 2: The Art of Recruiting - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Ross Els! He's the man! If he can't do it! No one can!


Hail Varsity Magazine: Hot Reads: Equities in Dallas
Kentucky is on the up and up! Good luck!


Husker turnovers: A look at Nebraska's slippery slope - interactive documents
I knew Nebraskans where charitable. Just wasn't expecting us to be that charitable! Great job, everyone!


Report: Braylon Heard To Transfer - Corn Nation
Speaking of turnovers, Braylon Heard is reportedly leaving. I'll miss our guaranteed first downs and games of Where's Braylon.

Best wishes and good luck, Braylon!

(Please don't go to Kentucky - these people might kneecap #teamsunshine.)

(EDIT: Where are my manners? Hat tip to BigRedTwice for mocking me with this one.)


Best Conference Ever

B1G ADs weigh number of league games - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
I'm pretty sure they should just finalize expansion first. Pretty soon, the Big Ten will have a large enough voting block to make the regular season as long as they need it to be.

I think we stop at 42.


Penn State’s John Urschel is both teaching and taking collegiate courses while starring on the offensive line | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Urschel was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, not exactly professor attire, and was effortlessly teaching students the nuances of geometry while many tried to follow along.

We don't all wear tweed jackets and chew on pipes while speaking in philosophical tidbits.


Congressmen want PSU scholarships back - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
It's about punishing the program, not the players. My money is on Emmert standing firm here.



College Food Fight Tournament: Vote on the Big Ten's restaurant representatives -
No Runza, no vote! (Be sure to check out the rest of the tournament here.)


National News

'Super Bug' Norovirus Invades U.S., Symptoms Appear in 48 Hours - Cedar Falls, IA Patch
Take note!


Big 12 considers what Big Ten, SEC might do next in expansion -

Based on that information, the conference identified teams that would be left, including reputable football schools Florida State, Clemson and Louisville.

Go where they aren't is actually a pretty sound offensive strategy. (Beebe would've picked up Montana by now, probably.)


Akron's new basketball jerseys eligible for Follow Friday -
This just seems like a bad idea. But I guess you can track performance using this? Interesting data point. "Jimmy, you had 50 people retweet this tweet about you missing a layup. BENCH." (UPDATE AS I WAS PREPARING THIS: The NCAA denied their request, anyway. So no harm done!)


Mike Aresco says Big East looking to add 12th school - College Football -
Well, I guess the C-USA and Sun Belt are still open to thievery. Or lower divisions. And hell, Idaho is still out there, just waiting for a phone call.


Steve Spurrier gives media members $100 for answering an impromptu trivia question correctly | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Coaches should take note. If they want their beat reporters to do more research, they should offer them cash prizes. Looking at you, Nick Saban.



The only NFL fandom map that doesn't suck -
Interesting look at things. Nebraska is just a mess. No, I'm not talking about recruiting! Just look! PICK A TEAM EVERYONE. YEESH.


Why the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax story matters -
A story that spiraled out of control because we wanted it too? Yeah, I'll buy that. We're silly!


Short film 'Many Worlds' changes based on the audience's brainwaves and heart rate | The Verge
A Nebraska fan's experience would just be full of sunshine. BECAUSE WE'RE AWESOME.


'The Creeping Garden' trailer celebrates slime mold and the weird science it inspires | The Verge


FanPosts by the BEST FANS EVER!

Where does Rex Burkhead rank in your All Time Top 10 Huskers? - Corn Nation
Viking Husker asks a very interesting question. This isn't asking whether Burkhead is one of the greatest RBs, so I don't think championship rings matter.


CN Cookbook - Smokehouse Macaroni and Cheese - Corn Nation

The smoked gouda in this is what really makes this dish. - Bubbasan


CN Cookbook - Raspberry Whiskey - Corn Nation

Not sure if this is tailgate worthy*. I guess it depends on how crazy you want your tailgate to get. - Bubbasan

*I should note, your recipes don't ALL have to be tailgaters.


CN Cookbook - Smoked Chicken Breasts - Corn Nation

This is as good as a bone in skin-on breast in the smoker without the hassle of the bones when you eat it. Serve whole or slice for sandwiches.- Bubbasan


CN Cookbook - Espresso Brownies - Corn Nation

I like to make these for office pot-lucks, etc. - Bubbasan


CN Cookbook - Jalapeño Ranch Dip - Corn Nation

This is always a hit on football Saturdays, but has many other uses than as a dip. It's excellent on tacos, chicken wings, burgers, you name it. - Bubbasan


CN Cookbook - sweet 'n spicy meatloaf - Corn Nation

"This sounds delicious." - Bubbasan

And with that, here's UglyDog56's contribution!


CN Cookbook - Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Stuffed Meatloaf - Corn Nation
SD Husker returns to the kitchen with some beautiful photos of food getting dressed and ready to party.


CN Cook Book - Eastern Euroasian Cabbage Hot Pocket - Corn Nation

The bierock, also known as a runza in some parts of the country, where small, local mom and pop shops sell their own variation of these sandwiches like people peddle hot boiled peanuts in the South.


Community Recipes - Corn Nation
You can find all of our recipes under this section! Check in regularly for new additions and don't forget to post your own in the FanPosts!


That's all for today, folks. Come back through out the day for more news, analysis and tomfoolery and don't forget to contribute to the CN Cookbook!

This is your open thread.



Are you prepared?

- Salt Creek and Stadium

PS: We're at 9 out of 20 recipes! Keep 'em coming!

PPS: In case you're wondering, I'm not using bullet points because I'm tired of fighting SB Nation's Random Format Generator.