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Looking Ahead to 2013 Husker Football: Wide Receivers

What's exciting with Beck's offense is what he can do with three, four and even five wide receiver sets considering this talent. If such a thing is possible, you could say that there's almost too much talent at this position.

Throw To The Fro!
Throw To The Fro!
Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

"All conference" and "Nebraska wide receiver" are two terms that don't come together all that often. Kenny Bell looks destined to leave Lincoln as Nebraska's all-time greatest wide receiver, and the rest of the bunch ain't all that bad either.

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Returning: Kenny Bell, Jr.; Jamal Turner, Jr.; Quincy Enunwa, Sr; Taariq Allen, So; Tyler Evans, Jr; Tyler Wullenwaber, Jr; Jordan Westerkamp, RFr; Alonzo Moore, RFr; Brion Carnes, Jr
Incoming: Kevin Gladney, Verbal; Dominic Walker, Verbal
Outgoing: Tim Marlowe, Steven Osborne

Mike: I'll come out and say it...barring injury, this is the best receiving corps in the Big Ten. Never thought I'd see the day that Nebraska had the best receivers in their conference, but that's what it is. Last fall, I had heard reports that Westerkamp might have the best hands of the bunch. If so, that makes this group even more deep in 2013.

Brandon Cavanaugh: Beck's got to be overjoyed with this many toys and Mike's right. Nebraska had arguably the best wide receiving corps in the conference last year, but 2013's is even more dangerous.

What's exciting with Beck's offense is what he can do with three, four and even five wide receiver sets considering this talent. Allen's still an unknown as is Evans, but I like their potential. Consider me sold on Wullenwaber and if Westerkamp lives up to the hype, Nebraska will have three major targets in him, Bell and Enunwa. This is assuming Turner doesn't improve at all.

Billgrip: There's almost too much talent at this position, if such a thing is possible. If Mr. T-magic takes another step forward in the passing game, this group could be not only the best in the Big Ten, but one of the best in the country. Seriously. Let that sink in for a bit. Has that ever happened at Nebraska? Kenny Bell has a very good chance of becoming the only 1000 yard receiver in Husker history next year. Jamal Turner is constantly improving and still has potential take to the house every time he touches the ball. Wullenwaber, when healthy, is supposedly the fastest guy on a very fast team. Enunwa is a physical specimen. Taariq Allen looks the part. Westerkamp was the best receiver in Illinois high school history. There's a lot to be excited about here.

Salt Creek: Bo Pelini is currently living in a strange Twilight Zone where he's being lauded for putting together an incredible offense while being chided for a sub-par defense. I think that's like being a four star chef but being lauded for your marketing abilities while people hate on your food. But we're not talking about Bo here. We're incredibly stacked at receiver but this all goes to waste if we don't start protecting RK3 (or whomever is QB) better. (*cough* 500k for two offensive line coaches *cough*)