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The Reads: The Inevitable Lack of News

Today's news is highlighted by a traffic warning and a high schooler jumping over another high schooler.

"Ubel is much taller than Penn State's players. You've gotta penalize him"
"Ubel is much taller than Penn State's players. You've gotta penalize him"
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Today's questions to help discussion:

  • Which tape is the best kind of tape? Why? What color?
  • What are Nebraska's school colors?
  • What would the price of a Runza be if today was Temperature Tuesday? Would you get onion rings, fries or frings with that? Are you a Runza salad person? Do you make your own runzas?
  • What are you most excited about this spring?


Last weekend, while on his way to visit the Lincoln, Neb., campus, Smith was pulled over by a Nebraska state trooper shortly after crossing the border from Iowa. Asked where he was headed, Smith explained he was exploring the possibility of transferring from Western Illinois University and making this his official visit to the Big Ten Conference school.

"He took my insurance card and went back to his car," said Smith, a kicker and punter who recently completed his junior season at WIU as one of 10 finalists for the Fred Mitchell Outstanding Place-Kicker Award. "He then waved me back to his car. We spent about 15 minutes talking about the Huskers." Smith then walked away with a written warning and an idea of what the rest of the visit would be like.

I forsee an issue with this from the NCAA. (Otherwise it makes no sense that you can't tweet at them!) I look forward to a note from compliance asking officers of the law to distribute tickets to our recruits.

Special Teams. How bad were Nebraska's special teams? The defense gave up buckets of yards and loads of points, and it was not the worst unit on the team. For example: In the first quarter of the Ohio State game, Ameer Abdullah returned a punt 43 yards. The rest of the season (eight full games, 35 quarters of football) Nebraska had a TOTAL of 22 yards on punt returns, with a long return of 19 yards by Tim Marlowe in the Michigan State game. For 2013, the special teams lose their most consistent components in kicker/punter Brett Maher, long snapper P.J. Mangieri, and holder Jase Dean. Many of the inconsistent components return.

It's the next episode of Detasseling the Huskers! Greg is back and Brian is...well, click and find out! Subscribe today to stay up to date with their hard hitting analysis!

The CN Staff marvels at our stable of running backs and ponders what the heck to do with Braylon Heard.


UCLA joins Nebraska in adding spring volleyball this year.

Women's Basketball

Nebraska Cornhuskers (13-6, 3-3 Big Ten) vs. #25 Michigan State Spartans (16-2, 4-1 Big Ten)
Thursday, Jan. 24, 7:05 p.m. (Central)
Devaney Center (Lincoln, Neb.)
Live TV/Video: NET (Statewide in Nebraska)
Larry Punteney-PBP; Jami (Kubik) Hagedorn Analyst)/
Radio: 25-Station IMG College Husker Sports Network (PBP-Matt Coatney; Analyst-Jeff Griesch) (107.3 FM-KBBK, Lincoln; 93.3 FM-KFFF, Omaha; 880 AM-KRVN, Lexington) ]
Free Internet Audio:

This will be the Spartans women's basketball team's first trip to Lincoln. TRY THE RUNZAS, preferably tomorrow morning! (And a reminder, we're still looking for someone to cover women's basketball!)


Great job team! (Sorry, Jays. #boom)


PBA is gettin' a floor, everyone. Can't wait to see it finished.

Nebraska will be in this conversation soon. #TrustTheMiles

Hm. Interesting. Not sure if that would fly in the Big Ten.

Near as I can tell, he's not being recruited anywhere.


Baseball season comes soon! GET EXCITED.

National News

Well, if Pelini is looking to make room on his staff, ASSISTANT COACH's dream job just opened.

Pretty big if it holds up.

An interesting look at our fascination with fermented beverages and their place in sports.


We didn't make this list!

Well, no. If the sky were falling, we wouldn't care about Kiffin's ability to coach football teams.
(Marvin Sanders, on the other hand, was fired last night.)
(No, we're not hiring him back.)

Never thought the SEC would find a way to make math work for them. /jokes

I know a lot of people don't like Harbaugh, but I think people who are passionate about their jobs are the greatest people on Earth. Also, overhead projector are always awesome AND I DON'T CARE IF THEY BLINDED ME.

Cubs fans! Look!

Only a matter of time before they're allowed to be recruited to play sports!

In case you missed it, we announced the Cookbook yesterday! Click for details and start sharing those recipes!


That's all for today. This is your open thread!

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