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The Reads Announces the Corn Nation Community Cookbook!

You've waited three weeks for this moment, but the time has come!

A bierock, or as they're know back home, a runza sandwich.
A bierock, or as they're know back home, a runza sandwich.

That's right. Let's get the Corn Nation Community Cookbook started. We're looking for recipes from any cuisine, any course, any difficulty and any season. Let your creativity (and generosity) run wild!

We've actually solicited recipes in the past and our very own SD Husker provided quite a few smoked entrees for your enjoyment. If you go to the "Community Recipe" section in the menu above, you should be able to find all of those recipes and more - I've tried to find what I could from the archives.

So now comes this year's iteration of the Cookbook. We'll be looking for recipes all off-season long to start with, so don't feel pressured to submit today or even this week.

As I said, we're looking for any food. (Well, almost any food. It has to be edible. No Spillymeals please.)

So now you're probably wondering, "Well, okay, Salt. This sounds fantastic, but where do I submit?!"

I'm glad you asked! We want you guys to learn how to use the FanPost section of our site again. We know it's been neglected since the switch-over. So simply go up to the "FanPost" portion of the menu bar above and click through to the FanPost page. And then click the "+ FanPost" button in the upper right. Now you're ready to write!

To help keep things somewhat uniform, here's a format to adhere to:

For your title above the post, please use "CN Cookbook - RECIPE NAME HERE"

In the Post itself:

  • RECIPE NAME (from your name here)
  • Picture! (If you can!)
  • Estimated Preparation Time
  • Estimated Cooking Time
  • Ingredients List! (Quantities are helpful.)
  • Directions! (Use Farenheit and the Customary System)
  • If you're feeling particularly adventurous, we invite you to take pictures as you prepare your meal and share those with us as well! Let's limit it to five pictures max though.

Also, if you have Instagram, Corn Nation (@cornnation) is on Instagram! Look for us and share your pictures there as well!

Once a week, I'll check through the FanPosts for recipe submissions and I'll promote them right here in the Reads (as well as add them to our Community Recipe section). At the end of the off-season, I'll also collect all of the submitted recipes, make them look pretty and put them together in an iPad/tablet friendly PDF format and we'll distribute that right back to y'all, free of charge!

And because I like you all, once we get 20 recipes, I'll start cookin'. That's right - I'll cook your recipes* and take photographic evidence of your culinary offering, once a week, until the start of the season!

So that's all for now. Any questions, comments or concerns go below. Recipes go in the FanPosts under the proper titles! (Don't worry if you forget.)

*Note: Unfortunately, I cannot do smoking recipes or anything that requires open flames. Apartment rules. We don't want Salt Creek to be homeless. I do have an electric grill though so...there's that. But don't let my limitations, limit your submission! Just don't be sad if I don't pick your recipe.

Weekly Honors

Nebraska senior Janis Leitis was honored by the Big Ten Conference on Monday as he was named the league's male field athlete of the week.

Congratulations, Janis!

The sixth-ranked Nebraska women's gymnastics team picked up its first conference honor of 2013 on Monday morning, as junior Emily Wong capped her stellar weekend by earning Big Ten Gymnast of the Week honors. The award marks the first of Wong's career and comes following a record-setting performance in which the Grand Forks, N.D., native posted or tied career-highs on beam, bars and in the all-around.

Way to go, Emily!


This is not ideal for our defensive line problems. Yeeeeeesh.

Get on board!

And the weekend finishes on an up-note but with potential for souring in the future.

Brandon brings us this week's wish list for commitments.

"It's a strong tradition at Nebraska and it's an opportunity both football wise and educationally that wasn't going to be matched at where I was," Smith said. "Even as a walk-on I felt the opportunity was too good to pass up."

Welcome aboard, Pat! Good luck!

I thought it would be fun to remind everyone of proper social media contact with recruits. Leave the recruiting to the coaches. You are not allowed to make any recruiting contact with prospective student-athletes. This includes telephone, email, text, Facebook and other social media A basic rule of thumb is...don't contact, follow or friend potential student athletes. (Countdown to some inane comment about social media 3...2...1...)

A mountain of work awaits coaching staffs that want to remain competitive in the hunt for top high school talent. They’ll get an assist from another new rule, which allows athletic departments to hire a recruiting coordinator that is not a member of the actual coaching staff. The only restriction for the new position is that he or she will not be able to travel to visit prospective athletes.

Programs with deep pockets can now legally maintain a group of employees solely to contact recruits. Many of the soon-to-be-scrapped rules were created to avoid such a competitive advantage over the have-nots. The board of directors decided a truly equal playing field isn’t realistic and any attempt to create one causes more problems than it solves.

Well, isn't this interesting? WE CAN HIRE ANOTHER COACH.

/Pelini hires a third offensive line coach



Nebraska takes on the Illini seeking their second conference win.

Tipoff Time: 7:36 p.m.

Promotion Strip the Bob Night as fans are encouraged to wear Red or White depending on the section.

Red: A-Section, C-Padded (rows 8-18); C-Bench (29-34)

White: B-Section; C-Plastic (rows 19-28).

Huskers on TV/Radio/Internet

Television: BTN and BTN2Go (Ch. 610 on DirecTV; Chs. 439, 9500 on DISH; Chs. 24 and 333-SD, 1333-HD on Time Warner Cable; Chs. 80 SD, 1080-HD on Cox Cable)

Play-by-play: Kevin Kugler Color: Eddie Johnson

Radio: Across the state on the IMG Husker Sports Radio Network, including KLIN (1400 AM/94.5 FM) in Lincoln, KFAB (1110 AM) in Omaha and KRVN (880 AM) in Lexington.

Play-by-play: Kent Pavelka; Color: Matt Davison

Internet Radio/Stats: Free on

Satellite Radio: Sirius Ch. 123, XM Ch. 190

Big Ten

Ted Glover (of OTE) makes the case for putting Michigan and Ohio State together and keeping the Game as a marquee game over the Thanksgiving weekend.

I think if done right, expansion is fine. Adding Maryland and Rutgers though? It may increase revenues and save an athletic department from itself, but what about the product? The Big Ten's additional expansion, which should come clear just as soon as Maryland's ACC exit fee is knocked down, will have to be pretty damn stellar to keep member schools happy.

OTE dives in and looks at who will fill out the conference in time to join Maryland and Rutgers in the class of 2014.

National News

People should just stop talking.

Well, okay.

Husker Mike unleashes his inner Cobby and tries to put figure skating into a sports context. Is it like Orey-gone football or Creighton basketball? Or something else?

    Q: Some fans may only be familiar with figure skating in the Olympics, such as the whole Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding drama. Is that what Omahans should expect?

    Lori: Oh, no! Figure skating isn't like a Denver Pioneers hockey game at all. It's an event filled with grace and skill, as the arena is filled with people await in silent awe of the beauty unfolding before their very eyes.

    A decade ago, the Raiders’ fate in Super Bowl XXXVII presumably was sealed by the weekend disappearance of center Barret Robbins. Hall of Fame finalist Tim Brown believes that the blame for the 48-21 loss to the Buccaneers should go to Oakland’s head coach.

      Even though the national media is all over this story now, the story is old. Brown first told that story in March 2011; here's our report at that time...

      The second story should be only somewhat surprising to Husker fans. Brown talks about then Oakland Raider coach Bill Callahan and how he changed the game plan the night before the Super Bowl. The original game plan was to play smash mouth football, but the night before, Callahan decides they're going to throw the ball 60 times.

      Isn't it fun to know Corn Nation was around when these shenanigans happened?

      Food (To Help...Or Not Help...Your Submission!)

      Real helpful tips from the Mothership! (Not Spilly.) I never really thought about how fat helps burgers - I knew steak required marbling for good flavor, but I've always found fatty burgers tend to shrink, but maybe I'm doing the wrong thing.

      Thankfully, the NCAA has repealed the offending confusing language that led to a ban on cheese spreads.

      Spilly softens the blow for Chip Kelly by making something visually appealing that'll probably make you sick later. Kind of like coaching the Eagles, so it's spot on.


      That's all for today. Start submitting those recipes!

      This is your open thread.

      - Salt Creek and Stadium