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The Nebraska Recruiting Big Board (1/21/2013)

Jumping off the Big Board appears to be a trend. Who's next?

Last week's Big Board had to be shuffled as two members dropped off, one by elimination and another due to a commitment. Wouldn't you know it? Two more names fell off this week, and both for a good cause in the Huskers' eyes.

(Highlights are provided as linked names, if available)

1. OT Dwayne Johnson - You're gonna notice a theme very quickly this week. Johnson visited Nebraska this past weekend and apparently loved it. The kind of love that deserves emphasis, so allow me. He loved it. Allegedly, at least.

The idea of him committing to the Huskers seemed pretty likely Sunday evening and there has been talk of him doing so midweek.

2. OL Chongo Kondolo - Another big man that visited Lincoln this past weekend, I didn't see Kondolo playing offensive tackle at all. Not necessarily because he reminds me any less of a rabid grizzly bear than other linemen hosted, but Kondolo's somewhat smaller and if he committed, I felt he'd be far more useful inside.

Apparently Nebraska feels the same way.

Should Kondolo choose the Huskers, he'll likely play at guard or center (my bet's on center, but he has to commit first for me to appropriately make that one).

3. OT Aaron Cochran - No. 75 in your programs for those watching the highlights, Cochran would cinch up a fantastic offensive line class for Nebraska, specifically one with a dire need for offensive tackles.

An interesting side note about Cochran: He's been offered by both Nebraska and Oklahoma as was recent offensive tackle commit Matt Finnin. The Sooners are good on tackles for now. Between the two teams, I think he picks the Huskers.

4. WR Quincy Adeboyejo - After QA decommitted from Texas A&M, plenty of Aggie message board miscreants took the ol' "we didn't need him anyway" approach common in some recruiting circles.

Nebraska has two options when it comes to him.

The Huskers can roll the dice and assume that recent recommit Trevell Dixon and redshirt freshman Alonzo Moore will work out marvelously as wide receivers. They could also tentatively put Dixon at cornerback (a position of severe need next cycle) and go all out for QA.

Personally, I think Adeboyejo sticks close to home and signs up with Kliff Kingsbury's Red Raiders.

5. CB Boaz Joseph - Perhaps you've heard rumors regarding current commit Marcus McWilson. The talk is that he'll be decommitting and heading to Kentucky with Vince Marrow, the guy who was recruiting him to Nebraska. If you hadn't, now you have.

Asusming Adeboyejo commits elsewhere and the aforementioned Dixon starts on the offensive side of the ball, Joseph (another visitor this past weekend) would be a good replacement for a potentially lost McWilson.

Since this story would be lost without a sense of irony, if McWilson chooses Kentucky over Nebraska and Joseph commits to the Huskers, the latter would be doing so having held an offer from the Wildcats.

Sometimes recruiting beats Dickens...or whatever the kids are reading these days. Sparkly vampires, I dunno.

What are your thoughts on this week's Big Board? Leave your comments below.