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Nebraska Walk-Ons 2013: Huskers Got 99 Problems But a Kicker Ain't One

Scholarship athletes versus walk-ons. Undercard: a man with an old-timey mustache fighting a kangaroo.


Known as the County Scholarship Program by Cornhusker enemies, a tradition as revered as gameday itself by Nebraska football fans is the walk-on program.

We're talking about the rigors of hard-working young men dipping into their own pockets and laboring diligently for a chance at fulfilling their dream: obtaining a scarlet and cream scholarship.

Yeah, that's kinda cool.

Long story short, you're on the team, but you're not getting a scholarship...yet.

Who has accepted such an offer from the Huskers for this cycle so far?

(Highlights are provided in linked names, if available)

Tight end: Erik Evans, Connor Ketter

Offensive lineman: Dustin Glaser

Defensive end/tight end: Jordan Ackerman

Defensive lineman: Joel Lopez

Kicker: Grant Schumacher

Punter: Jordan Bellar

I can only assume that Schumacher will take over kicking duties during his sophomore year only to come near or break scoring and/or kicking records.

His career will, of course, culminate in a Lou Groza Award snub. That's how these things work.

Keep an eye out for any additions to this list as they're made available.

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