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The Reads: Other Things Happened Yesterday

Yes, the Notre Dame Catfish Event did happen.

Maybe conference championships aren't real?
Maybe conference championships aren't real?
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

You can read about it here and the original breaking story from Deadspin here. The Verge attempts to explain why exactly this went undetected for so long, especially with the girlfriend's alledged passing last fall. As of now, there are a lot of questions remaining to be answered, regardless who was involved in the hoax. Notre Dame won't be answering them (they have not involved law enforcement nor will they be publishing the findings of their investigation), so we'll see what happens.

At this point, if an athletic department isn't investing in some education on how social media works and how it can manipulated to do bad things, maybe they should divert some of their funds to do just that.

If you were hoping for a quiet, boring off-season, well, this pretty much kills that.

UNL Football

Defensive line is a position of need? Who knew!

Take him off your boards.

Women's Basketball

(We're looking for someone to write about them. Interested?)

A reminder that women's basketball happens tonight at 7:05pm CT! Good luck, team! (Note: the game is available via the BTN Digital Network or by radio. There is no TV feed.)

Nebraska Cornhuskers (12-5, 2-2 Big Ten) vs. Illinois Fighting Illini (9-7, 2-2 Big Ten)

Thursday, Jan. 17, 7:05 p.m. (Central) Bob Devaney Sports Center (Lincoln, Neb.)

Live Video:

Radio: 25-Station IMG College Husker Sports Network (PBP-Matt Coatney; Analyst-Jeff Griesch) (107.3 FM-KBBK, Lincoln; 93.3 FM-KFFF, Omaha; 880 AM-KRVN, Lexington)

Free Internet Audio:

National News

This is the same NFL that employs Bill Callahan. Your theory is flawed, Evans. Oh, and a quick primer on this formidable NFL Chip is joining.

Since the Cowboys are going to be the defensive laughingstock of the NFL (and Monte has been Oregon's play thing since 2010), Philadelphia only has to beat Washington (as long as Shanahan is there, this is basically a favorable proposition) and New York (whose defense is built to stop Andy Reid's WCO, not the zone read that is at the heart of Kelly's offense) to reach the playoffs.

That's right - Chip Kelly could win his division and no other game, a la the NFC West until 2011, and still reach the post-season. The NFL is easier to reach the post-season in than college football.

SMU, which is playing Texas Tech, Baylor, at Texas A&M and at TCU. That, plus Houston, means a Big East team will play against more Texas teams than all but three Big 12 teams will. I say again: a team in the Big East will play against more Texas teams than most of the Big 12 will.

I'm thinking we need to reassess the importance of sports in our society.

Another annulled Atlantic City wedding.

But the departures keep stalling a deal and, according to reports, hemorrhaging future conference earnings. Colleague Dennis Dodd reports a once-projected television rights valuation of more than $100 million per year has dipped to the $40-million range with UConn and Cincinnati as centerpieces and Conference USA parts surrounding them.

Yeah...that's a conference I want to watch. It's ridiculous that their commissioner thinks the world of the schools that left. That doesn't inspire confidence.

Give me a fridge which can scan its own contents without any work from me and compare that to a set "stock level" list to generate a shopping list, and I'm sold.

*GIFs are sort of like a moving picture without being a video. You may have seen them from Penn State fans trying to argue that they didn't fumble in the end zone. The problem is that GIFs are snippets of a much larger scene and are typically taken out of context.


That's all for today folks. I hope you're all real. I was under the impression that if it was on the internet, it was true. I guess not.

I already know AdamTheTitan is a fake, he told me so. In fact, he's a spy from the government.

The thread is real and present. If you reach out, you can almost touch it.

Speak openly, friends.

-Salt Creek and Stadium