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National Signing Day, Back Seven Guesses, Tight Ends Anyone?

Greg is...where the heck is Greg??? Anyway, he's not in the studio. Brian is joined by the venerable Brandon Cavanaugh for this week's show, where the focus is recruiting. We're just a few weeks away from NSD, practically a holiday. The guys take your questions. Enjoy.

I miss this walk.
I miss this walk.
Eric Francis

Yep. Greg skipped out on me. I'm kidding, he had something to do.

So, why not go full out on Nebraska Recruiting? Well okay then, don't twist my arm.

I went out and got Brandon Cavanaugh to come on with me and we talked about a few things, like:

- The Blackshirts back 7 and who we see stepping up.
- Brandon Vandenburg's odd statement
- Who Nebraska could put at Tight End that isn't one already, and what is out there to recruit right now.

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