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The Reads: Supporting the Home Team

Nebrasketball plays tonight and you should clear your schedule.

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More of this!
More of this!

Are you in Lincoln? GO TO THE DEVANEY CENTER. Tickets aren't terribly expensive!

Are you not in Lincoln? Join us here at CN and tune into BTN.

Nebraska stayed with Sparty until the final two minutes of play. Purdue is not Sparty. We have a reasonable chance of scoring our first B1G victory of the season. Be here for history in the making!

Huskers on TV/Radio/Internet Television: BTN and BTN2Go

(Ch. 610 on DirecTV; Chs. 439, 9500 on DISH; Chs. 24 and 333-SD, 1333-HD on Time Warner Cable; Chs. 80 SD, 1080-HD on Cox Cable)

Play-by-play: Kevin Kugler Color: Shon Morris

Radio: Across the state on the IMG Husker Sports Radio Network, including KLIN (1400 AM/94.5 FM) in Lincoln, KFAB (1110 AM) in Omaha and KRVN (880 AM) in Lexington.

Play-by-play: Kent Pavelka; Color: Matt Davison

Internet Radio/Stats: Free on

Satellite Radio: Sirius Ch. 128

Despite Nebraska's 0-4 start in the Big Ten, both Miles said he still hoped Husker fans would continue to show great support the rest of the season.

"Hopefully they're encouraged and we can get the students there and the fans there and get things riled up and rally behind these guys," Miles said. "Fans want to win. I think fans have been pretty fair. I think Nebraska traditionally, it appears to me, has been a very fair place to coaches… basketball coaches."

Women's Basketball

Tomorrow night, the women take on the Illini at the Devaney Center. Good luck, team!

(By the way, we're looking for someone to cover women's basketball. Are you that person?)

Nebraska Cornhuskers (12-5, 2-2 Big Ten) vs. Illinois Fighting Illini (9-7, 2-2 Big Ten)

Thursday, Jan. 17, 7:05 p.m. (Central)

Bob Devaney Sports Center (Lincoln, Neb.)

Live Video:

Radio: 25-Station IMG College Husker Sports Network (PBP-Matt Coatney; Analyst-Jeff Griesch) (107.3 FM-KBBK, Lincoln; 93.3 FM-KFFF, Omaha; 880 AM-KRVN, Lexington)

Free Internet Audio:

Men's Tennis

Tom Blackwell battled to NU's lone singles victory on the day with a 6-3, 2-6, 10-7 victory over Louisville's Michael Lippens at No. 5.

Track and Field

Nebraska junior James White was honored by the Big Ten Conference on Monday as he was selected as the Big Ten Co-Field Athlete of the Week. White shares the honor with Jon Lehman of Minnesota.

Congrats to James on this honor!

UNL Football

He worked out pretty well for Nebraska for being under-recruited.

3. The Big Ten adds two more teams: Just when we least expect it, the Big Ten will shock us again with expansion news. On July 4, news breaks that the league has decided to add two more teams to eventually get to 16. Both teams will be current ACC members who decide to flee once Maryland's exit fee is settled out of court. The Big Ten announces it will compete with four four-team pods in 2015.

Of all their predictions, this is the most likely.

National News

Wisconsin continues to ruin Indiana's day. Great job Badgers.

I'm pretty sure this math says...Nebraska could beat Indiana again. #NEBRASKETBALL

What I find funny about all these articles is not a single one ever suggests Tebow should change position. The NFL requires QBs who can pass the ball. The CFL even more-so with their offense-friendly regulations.

Considering the magnitude of Miami's actions and their lack of cooperation, I'm guessing the NCAA isn't going to accept a single year post-season ban.

Everyone put on your shocked faces.

The incident started when some freshmen questioned the leadership of the team's seniors and whether they gave 100 percent effort for the Sun Bowl. This led to an argument that eventually escalated according to witnesses.

Ouch. Bet you they still get ranked in the top 10 come August.

Past performance does not indicate future results, Schlabach.

A look from down south at the SEC solidarity. Not in complete agreement, but he makes good points.

I'm sure this will work out. (For the record, I hope Manziel continues to be a 20 year old. The Heisman's a joke anyway. It's just an offensive player MVP award. Who cares?)

For your next off-season-fueled Scrabble contest. Now you can try and flip the points to win more games!

There's a donkey. No, serious. The Google Maps guys found a donkey.


For a laugh this Wednesday...


That's all for today. Don't forget Nebrasketball takes on Purdue at 8pm CT tonight at the Devaney Center. Stop by for the GameThread if you can't make it to Lincoln!


New rule: no calling people turds. And every post should end #sunshine because why not, it's Wednesday. Hope springs eternal in the middle of the week.

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