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The Reads: And the Winner is...

Read on to find out who! (Hint: it's not Taylor Swift.)

Memorial Stadium
Memorial Stadium
Salt Creek

It's a tad bit late...But I've finally tallied up the season's picks from the CN Staff!

If you don't remember, the CN Staff picked five games each week to try and guess the outcomes for. Our winner managed to guess correctly 67.8% of time out of 71 picks, including two weeks of perfect picks.

And so we award the trophy...

Wait, you don't know about the trophy? That's not surprising - after all, it's the first year of the award. Amazingly, it was not designed by the Iowa Corn Board.


The Old Man Johnston Award goes to the CN Staffer who most successfully picks the outcome of the most games played by 18-23 year olds with an oblong ball. This honor is no small feat considering the amount of chaos one must overcome to achieve it.

So who is the winner of this illustrious award? He's one of our new-comers and helps with our football coverage.

No, it's not me. I kind of killed my chances by disappearing for three or four weeks mid-season.

Oh, I guess it wasn't Taylor Swift either...

No, no, the 2012 winner of the Old Man Johnston Award is...


(Camera pans to an angry Taylor Swift.)

Congratulations to Brian! He absolutely destroyed the standings, picking 48 out of 71 games correctly.

In addition to the trophy, Brian has earned himself a year-long supply of Internet Runzas. Lucky, lucky guy.

As for the rest of the podium:

Husker Mike rode to second place on a strong showing in bowl season. His prize? The adoration and respect of his peers.

Billgrip, Dear Leader and ruacornhead take third place. To solve this scrum, I analyzed the data and then came to the following conclusion: Dear Leader wins this tie and our hearts because, well, he's Dear Leader.

Here are the final standings:

Staffer Wins Losses
Brian 48 23
Husker Mike 42 29
BillGrip 39 27
Jon 39 32
Kevin 39 16
Aaron 35 30
DM 34 27
Andy 28 22
Mister Mike 28 17
Salt Creek 24 22
Will Grubb 11 4
James Stevenson 8 7
Jake Sorensen 2 3

And now that we know there's a trophy, we can all try harder to win it next year.

We now return to the day's news, however short it is...


Pretty short on news!

If Nebraska cures it's line depth (and play) issues and reduces the frequency of fumbles on option runs and special teams, they have the potential to make the jump to title contender.

Our friend Brandon lets us know where Nebraska is looking to close ASAP.

Welcome aboard! (All of you pillorying Samuelson can just stop.)

Quite honestly, I agree with this decision. We wish you all the best, Sean!

Pretty soon those moral victories will be the real deal.

Best of luck to him.

The sad part about this is that it's a reminder that CFB is over until August.

No ESPN power montage to say farewell. Good night, sweet, sweet WAC.

ESPN holding their first and second (and maybe third?) tier media rights makes this kind of unlikely to be worth the effort. They already get ACC Network branding from ESPN when games are farmed out to local affiliates and people don't seem to be clamoring for "ACC Heroes: Tom O'Brien"

Frankly, it's not just tweeting. They're 18 year olds, at best. To get upset or angry at them or to dismiss them for character flaws that you yourself probably had? That's just silly. It's just a game. Get irrational at the abstraction, sure. But leave the players alone.

Still waiting on the Rose.

The name


And our friend Musburger is now just trolling America, everyone.


That's all for today, folks. Give Brian a pat on the back and then console each other over the lack of news.

I know I'm pretty sad over the lack of news part.

-Salt Creek and Stadium