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Ernest Suttles, Weakside Defensive End, Commits To The Huskers

The Huskers get back to 19 commitments with a flip of their own from Iowa St.

Brandon Cavanaugh/

News on a Monday evening, late even, to help you sleep well tonight.

Suttles, who measures out at 6 feet, 5 inches and 240 pounds, visited Lincoln this last weekend and really liked what Bo and company had to offer.

Suttles, who has profiles here, and here too, was a Cyclone commit back in October. He does replace Dan Samuleson, who flipped to Michigan last weekend as the 19th commitment to Nebraska for this cycle.

Looking at the above on Suttles, he looks like a kid who, with the right strength and conditioning program, could very well become that famed "diamond in the rough" a lot of people hope comes out of a normal 3 star commit.

Now, Suttles did take visits after his ISU commitment, and acc to 24/7, he was supposed to visit Kentucky (and former Nebraska recruiter Vince Marrow) this coming weekend. While I don't know if he's going to keep that visit, do realize all of those who called out Samuleson for flipping that it does indeed go both ways and this is what happens come January and February. We are speaking of course about 18-20 year old kids.

For the record, I've never initiated talk to a recruit to speak about flipping to or from Nebraska or picking to or from Nebraska, and the only player that was a recruit when I talked to him was Charles Jackson, who gave me a "GBR" and I said "GBMFR" right back. Which is a perfect reminder to tell you all that talking to a recruit on twitter or Facebook and trying to influence him is a NCAA violation, albeit a small one. Don't be that guy.