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The Reads: Tim Miles is a Wizard

You need to support the Nebraska Cornhusker Men's Basketball Team today.

Animation is a good thing in basketball.
Animation is a good thing in basketball.
Eric Francis

Folks, if you're not watching Nebrasketball this season, you're missing out on something fantastic. For all the grief we give Pelini for his team's failure to go undefeated, Tim Miles has been putting on a clinic on how you get 150% out of your players. Seriously, the guy has a depleted roster* and his team is pushing the best of the Big Ten.

You need to watch Nebrasketball because in two seasons, you'll be able to proudly say you were there when Tim Miles took over this team. That 2015 date in Omaha? It doesn't look unrealistic right now.

I know it's been hard to buy into Nebrasketball for a while. But I'm telling you right now - it's time to buy in. If you're able, make it to the Devaney Center this Wednesday and support this team.

Take it from me - I hate basketball and I'm falling in love with Nebrasketball under Tim Miles. They're that scrappy underdog we're all looking to believe in.

*They're talented but unfortunately lacking depth on the bench.

UNL Football

Husker Mike suggests the time has come to stop worrying about 2012 and concentrate on hoping for 2013. Who is going to step up to save Bo Pelini from himself?

I agree with Randy York - Sean Fisher should go to med school. There's just too much risk involved in another season of football.

On Monday, Alabama demolished Notre Dame to win the BCS title. It was the Crimson Tide's third national title in four seasons, making it not only a modern-day dynasty but one of the greatest dynasties in college football history. Where exactly does this Alabama team rank? Here's my take on the best four-year stretches in college football history over the past 75 years:

Maybe next season Nebraska can takes Els off special teams to concentrate on recruiting? I'd love for someone to do an interview with Els in the off-season where he describes his weekly workload.

I'm glad we're not closing doors, I guess? But frankly, I'm reading "position change" in his comments. And again, in my opinion, help give Garrison and Cotton the focus they need by passing TE coaching to either Ron Brown or Rich Fisher.

Having one of the nation's best running attacks is helping our recruiting. Now we just need to find the linemen to complement it.

Nebraska hunting down speed for the defense.

UNL Athletic Director's Office

For all his success, Eichorst's most influential experience — the place he cut his teeth — was Whitewater.

In 4½ years, he overhauled the department and laid the foundation for an unprecedented run. The Warhawks have won eight national championships since 2002, including four in football. The facilities are comparable to many Division I schools. Enrollment is breaking records. Morale is high.

Jaime Williams has a sword hanging in his office. No big deal.

UNL Women's Basketball

A tough loss for Nebraska. The women take on Illinois this Thursday at 7:05 pm CT on BTN.

[And just so you all know, we're looking for someone to write about women's basketball as well as our Olympic sports. Interested? Contact Jon!]

UNL Track and Field

Nebraska gathered 21 event titles and two collegiate titles (if someone wants to explain the difference, I'd appreciate it!) altogether. A great start to the season!

UNL Wrestling

A great win for Nebraska...but that wasn't the only one.

The Huskers improve to 8-3 with the win and 2-2 in Big Ten duals. Nebraska is 4-0 on the road this season. The Wildcats drop to 4-4 on the season with an 0-3 record in the Big Ten.

UNL Tennis

Adding to Nebraska's strong showing in Olympic sports over the weekend. Great job!

UNL Rifles

Never a bad thing when a service academy wins at things like shooting a target.

UNL Gymnastics

Not a bad showing against Oklahoma either. (Men's gymnastics)

So close...Should be a great season for Nebraska women's gymnastics.

UNL Bowling

Great job! (Team did well. Had a 10-3 match play record, improved from being 3rd after day 1. Against Central Missouri in the finals, the Huskers were down 0 games to 3 in the seven game Baker finals, and won the last four to win the tournament.. - Brian)

National News

Meanwhile, the teams who are winning right now? Most of them run pro-adapted variations of the college spread that gave Monte fits at USC. Most prominently? Their division rival, the Washington Redskins. Jerry Jones, everyone!

Where does Nebraska's eastern Eurasian Hot Pocket joint fall on this list? Does it? Does Bo Pelini need to push the city of Lincoln to build a few more restaurants?


That's all for today. The thread is open.

-Salt Creek and Stadium

Reminder, we're looking for someone to write about women's basketball as as well as our Olympic sports. Interested? Contact Jon!