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Husker Fan Hasn't Slept, Wondering Why All The WTFs

It seems that not everyone has moved on from the loss to Georgia. This leaves everyone around them wondering what's wrong.

Self Portrait

Friends and family remain concerned about Joey Berfinkle, stating that he hasn't slept nor completed a single sentence since Nebraska's loss against Georgia on January 1st.

"No", said his mother, said his mother, Mary Berfinkle, "This isn't about Husker football at all! He's on meth!!!!"

"He's gotten a girl pregnant!" said his father, Bernie Berfinkle.

"Establish the run" said Joey.

"He'd better snap out of it or I'm leaving him!" shouted his girlfriend, Betty Joe Grinklesmith.

"We haven't played COD in days!" said his best friend Marty Cartagokablooey.

"A Husker Starter jacket..." said Joey, shaking his head.

"BARK BARK BARK" said his dog, Timmysfallendownawell.

Little brother Jimmy Berfinkle said nothing, but kicked him in the shins.

"Rex Burkhead.... Why all the WTFs?" said Joey.