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Nebraska Cornhuskers Game Day: UCLA Bruins

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Nebraska Cornhuskers (1-0) vs. UCLA Bruins (1-0)

Kickoff: Saturday, September 8, 6:30 PM CDT. Television: FOX Sports

Announcers: Gus Johnson, Gus Johnson, and Gus Johnson. No one else counts.

Tickets from $54

UCLA Team Website - SB Nation Site Bruins Nation

Bill Connelly Season Preview - Husker Mike Preview

CFBStats Profile Page

Last Week: Defeated Rice Owls 49 - 24

UCLA Coaches And Personnel

Head Coach: Jim Mora Jr. 1st Season. Record: 1 - 0

Offensive Coordinator / QB Coach: Noel Mazzone

Defensive Coordinator: Lou Spanos

Head Coach Jim Mora Jr. has assembled quite a good looking staff. Not in the or sense, but in the sense that both coordinators have extensive NFL coaching experience. Noel Mazzone was the brain-child behind ASU's spread offense the last two years under Dennis Erickson, resulting in the 25th ranked offense in 2011 and 29th in 2010. Prior to that he was the receivers coach for the New York Jets from 2006 - 2008 and was employed as a consultant for them in 2009.

Lou Spanos spent the last two seasons as linebacker coach for the Washington Redskins and before that he spent 15 years as a defensive assistant for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Coach Spanos will try to have his guys flying around all day long, getting several hats to the ball and give new meaning to the word "gang tackling." He definitely has the athletes to work with at UCLA and rumor has it he'll be sacrificing several live chickens over the course of the season to get said athletes to figure shit out in a hurry. If they do, they have the talent to be really, really special.

Offensive Leaders:

QB - Brett Hundley, Fr. (RS) Last week: 21 - 28, 202 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT, 7 carries, 68 yds, 1 TD.

Brett is a good (not great, at least not yet) dual-threat QB. He isn't as fast as Alford, but he's fast and quick enough that Bo and Co. better have a plan to plant him head first in the middle of the Rose Bowl. I've heard several people say that Brehaut is the better all-around QB, but Hundley will get the nod on Saturday. Personally, I'd shoot him with a tranq dart during the coin flip, and have Steinkuhler sit on him the rest of the game. No seriously, that's what I'd do because mobile QBs have always been anathema to Bo, so my plan would work best here.

RB - Johnathan Franklin, Sr. Last week: 15 attempts, 210 yds, 3 TD.

Three words: "fast as hell." Explosive, quick...everything you'd want in a short-order chef. He gained PAC-12 Player of the Week honors for his performance against Rice on Saturday. He was the 16th ranked player overall nationally coming out of high school and was on the Doak Walker and Maxwell award watch lists in 2011.

Defensive Leaders:

LB - Eric Kendricks, So. (RS) Last week: 11 TKLS, 4 Solo, 7 Asst.

DL - Datone Jones, Sr. Last week: 6 TKLS, 4 Solo, 2 Asst. 2 Sacks.

In a word, this is not Southern Miss. They will not be rotating multiple guys in and out just to see what they got on defense, a'la Ellis Johnson. These guys are athletic and talented. As stated previously, if Spanos can get these clowns to all run the same way and think with the same hive-like mind, they will be really, really GOOD. By far, they will be our toughest challenge in the Non-Con and it will be interesting to see how we respond.