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2012 Week One - Playoff Selection Committee Guessing Game


This past summer, the commissioners from all the major conferences got together and decided that starting in the 2014 season, college football (at the FBS level) will have a four team "playoff". Though all the details haven't been worked out yet, a decision was made to have a selection committee determine who the four "most deserving" teams should be. This year, we are going to have our selection committee (all ya all that want to post) determine the four teams that are the most deserving. And, so, we have our Week one Selection Committee Guessing Game.

It's week one and we don't have a lot to go off of to determine who should be in and who should be out of the four-team party. There should be a lot of potential candidates this week and so I'll start it off with my picks. Here is some of the criteria that I used. Remember, as a selection committee member, you don't have to use the same criteria I did. Each person has their biases.

* No consideration if you beat an FCS team. Sorry Oklahoma State, 84-0 against Savannah State doesn't cut it.

No.1 seed - Alabama. There was really only one marquee game this week. We know Bama is good. We think that Michigan is at least decent. The Tide completely rolled over the Wolverines last Saturday. To be fair, had Michigan won this game, I would have made them my No.1 seed this week.

No.2 seed - The only other Marquee game this week was Michigan State-Boise State. Now, I don't really think Boise is going to have a great year this year. They lost a lot of great players. But, the Spartans went out on a limb when they scheduled Boise during their hay-day. I give em props for that. They have some things to work on offense if they are going to win a conference title this year, but the defense is in place.

No.3 seed - Clemson is another team that gets their spot because they challenged themselves in week one. Auburn doesn't have Cam Newton and may not be a great team this year, but the Tigers (Clemson kind) got a good win to start the season.

No.4 seed - I would have loved to put New Mexico or New Mexico State here, but alas, they played FCS competition. Continuing our theme of "most deserving", I had to give the last spot to Ohio. When we go to a four team playoff, you are likely to see a lot of controversy with the third and (especially) fourth seeds. Now Ohio doesn't have the quality of opponents on their schedule that major BCS conference teams will have by the end of the year, but for now, they can bask in the limelight of getting a huge road win.

If we had to choose eight teams, these would be my next four:

Virginia Tech
West Virginia

I left Nebraska off. After week one, they may deserve a spot in the top 8, but I left them out because I think they need to show more consistency. Maybe you think the Huskers deserve a spot. Well, now it's your turn. Who would you select after week one?