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2012 Week Four - Playoff Selection Committee Guessing Game

If there were a playoff this season, who makes it?

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This past summer, the commissioners from all the major conferences got together and decided that starting in the 2014 season, college football (at the FBS level) will have a four team "playoff". Though all the details haven't been worked out yet, a decision was made to have a selection committee determine who the four "most deserving" teams should be. This year, we are going to have our selection committee (all ya all that want to post) determine the four teams that are the most deserving. And, so, we have our Week Three Selection Committee Guessing Game.

Previous Weeks:

Week One - Alabama takes the top spot.
Week Two - Spartans holding down the Hot Gates.
Week Three - Cardinal Rule

This past weekend had a few quality games that have helped to shape the top four a bit more. Florida State outlasted Clemson, Notre Dame beat Michigan, Oregon stomped Arizona, Kansas State made their case against Oklahoma, Georgia and South Carolina also took care of business. Heck, even Oregon State has positioned themselves well if they win out. I still can't put LSU in the top four, though. If they keep winning, they will earn it, but there are just better teams right now than the Tigers.

No. 1 Seed - Still have Alabama here, but their wins aren't looking as good at this point. Don't get me wrong. I still think they are the best out there right now, but Arkansas falling flat on their face, a 2-2 Michigan team that has issues to work out and Florida Atlantic. Well, at least Carl's group scored on the Tide. Western Kentucky looks like the best win so far for Bama. To be fair, though, the Hilltoppers seem to have a real quality team this year and will likely compete for the Sun Belt title.

No. 2 Seed - This is where things start to get tough. Last week I had the Gators at number two and Stanford at number three. There are going to be some deserving teams here that get left out of the top four. Teams will be weeded out throughout the season, but the "next four" at the end of the post look really strong this week. I'm gonna keep the Gators here because I think their body of work is better than the other SEC teams. However, in two weeks, we will really start to weed out the top potential candidates from the SEC as LSU travels to Florida and South Carolina gets Georgia at home. One of those two teams will likely be number two after that week.

No. 3 Seed - Last week I had Stanford here. I'm putting the Ducks here instead this week, but really the winner of the Stanford-Oregon game will claim this spot. Their November 17 meeting feels like it's light years away, but both schools should still be undefeated at that point. That will also give Stanford the time they need to get their offense up to snuff. Why did I bump Stanford? Oregon just looked so good. I still think that Stanford has the defense to beat Oregon, but the Ducks get the Cardinal at home this year.

No. 4 Seed - Florida State lands here. I really thought that Clemson would be able to go to Tallahassee and win that game, but the Tigers just seemed to get tired and let FSU back in it. Give credit to the Seminoles, they came from behind and got the big win. They also have the schedule to run the table this year. It would be interesting to see three teams (Alabama, FSU, Oregon) at the end of the year undefeated and how things would sort themselves out in the standings.

Next four in:
Kansas State - Big win in Norman. They get Texas at home the first week of December.
Stanford - Off this week, but took down the media darling USC and have the defense to go far.
Georgia - Looking good all around. Definitely have the schedule to get back to Atlanta.
South Carolina - Finally looked like a top ten team this past weekend. They get Georgia at home.

Well, that's what I think. Now it's your turn to tell me what you think.