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Corn Nation Live Chat 9/24 - On Wisconsin Week!

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As we have done the last few weeks, the staff here at CN would love to talk with you about what's going on with Nebraska football and such. What's going on this week? Well, we can talk about the following:

- Wisconsin game week is upon us.
- The Adidas "Unrivaled" uniform game is upon us too OOH BLACK HELMETS AND SUCH.
- Last week's mauling of the Idaho St Bengals by 66.
- Rex Burkhead and his knee. Taylor Martinez and his throwing. Montee Ball's concussion issue.
- The B1G and how it's down, and how Nebraska is set up to win the conference this year.

As always, CoverItLive will be helping out with this, so remember to come in at 8pm central. We will go for an hour, so come on in and join the conversation. BTW, don't mind Jon cheering for Seattle tonight, he isn't fond of the whole state of Wisconsin.