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Thursday Night Football!!!! - Boise St vs BYU

Tonight's ESPN Thursday Night Extravaganza involves Boise State vs BYU, two teams from the "whatever the hell they're in this year" conference.

Tonight's the night where we ask - "HOLY CRAP! How'd it get to be Thursday already?" and note that you shouldn't be thankful that the next game is almost on top of us, you should take the time to enjoy football season, sniff some dirty socks, have a few bad beers, and relish every moment of it.

If you're interested in more info about tonight's game, be sure to check out the SB Nation sites VANQUISH THE FOE (BYU) and ONE BRONCO NATION UNDER GOD (Boise State). No, you are not required to understand the meaning of their site names in order to visit their sites.

Other topics of discussion might or might not include:

- Why the hell is there a rap video that's virtually unwatched at the start of this game thread?

- What happens next week (maybe, we think, perhaps) that is of utmost importance?

- If you could only buy ONE THING from this page, what would it be?