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Nebraska Football: The Video Crew - How They're Helping The Huskers Win

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A fascinating inside look at Nebraska Video and how they support the football team through the use of some pretty cool technology.

Game footage and analysis is made available with an amazing amount of speed. Within 35 minutes of the game ending, Nebraska Video has a full game tape available. A software program called HUDL allows players or coaches to view the game or individual plays on a computer or mobile device such as an iPad or smart phone. Game video can be shared with opponents.

Plays are broken down so that coaches/players may look at specific sets of plays and situations, assisting in game planning and review. (They're probably thankful that none of this is made publicly available so we can scrutinize every moment even more than we do now.)

One more takeaway - all the video is shot by students, giving them real in-the-field experience that should further their chance of landing a job, something that can't be underestimated in today's economy.

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