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Arkansas State Week Reads - September 10th, 2012

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We saw the game, Bo. We didn't think very highly of it. I'm sure you aren't too fond of it either.
We saw the game, Bo. We didn't think very highly of it. I'm sure you aren't too fond of it either.

Bringing you coverage of Nebraska and Big Ten sports and other stories from college football and beyond.

Tough loss Saturday but it's time to move on. The unranked Nebraska Cornhuskers take on the Arkansas State Red Wolves at Memorial Stadium this Saturday at 11am CDT on ESPN2.

Go Big Red!

In today's Reads, we recap a terrible weekend for the Big Ten, a fantastic weekend for the Pac-12 and a three-match sweep by the Lady Huskers. Those stories and more below.

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The Check-Down Pass:

I don't think you all need help debating Saturday's games. We'll have plenty of articles rehashing the night's events over the next few days. If you want to read about the game or a sportswriter's opinion on it, here's a link to the HuskerMax game page. They've got all you could read and more. I'm guessing that you've either read most of those articles or had no interest in revisiting the frustration.

I personally stopped watching late in the third quarter. Perhaps that makes me a bad fan, I don't know. But I have a rule that when I start yelling at a TV or video game, I need to stop whatever I'm doing and turn it off. I did take the time to review everyone's comments on Sunday and I'd like to take a moment to comment on what I read.

I get that we're all frustrated and I understand you all needed to vent. It's year five and our supposed defensive guru can't stop a mobile QB and seemed to be absolutely stymied by a guy who hasn't coached college football in over two decades. I get that we're embarrassed that our beloved Cornhuskers put on a terrible show and were humiliated by Gus Johnson making love to UCLA all night. I get that we were angry that Taylor Martinez didn't get to stick it to UCLA and that we couldn't make Gus shut up without unplugging the center speaker. I get all that. But I don't understand the hate.

What I saw on Saturday was that Jim Mora has assembled a staff capable of preparing his team and a team filled with talent. UCLA was just better than Nebraska, on the field and on the sidelines. Was that expected? Not by most of us here (and those that were nay-saying after Southern Miss, I don't see why you'd be gloating about being right.) Is that we want? Of course not.

We shouldn't be satisfied with losing. Ever. Our expectation should be to win every week. Our expectation should be championships. And not just because we're Nebraska but because we're fans. We're invested, be we Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan or even Western Kentucky fans. It doesn't matter who we're fans of or how loyal we are. I assure you, there are loyal fans for EVERY fan base, even Miami. (It may be hard to find them, but they exist.) So to suggest that Nebraska DESERVES better because our fan base is "better" is just stupid. We're not better than anyone - if anything, our constant bickering over "nine win seasons being mediocre and un-Nebraskan" pretty much says that we deserve embarrassments like this. (Again, Osborne and Nebraska "suffered" through twenty-two seasons of nine win affairs in a far weaker Big Eight before he won a national championship.)

Suggesting PELINI CAN'T GET IT DONE after two weeks and one really bad outing is what got us Callahan. Suggesting that is why we're the subject of jokes. Let's give Pelini the full 13 weeks of the season before we burn him in effigy. I understand that you're frustrated - I'm flustered myself.

But to give up on this team two weeks in? How does that translate to us deserving a better team?

Meet your 2012 Nebraska Cornhuskers. They're not the 1995 version but they're not past redemption just yet. You can continue to be negative, or you can move on. A new season starts today, for those who are interested.

- Salt Creek and Stadium


Today's stories and a look at how Nebraska's opponents fared follow.

Football (1-1)

Commentary, game recaps and videos at the Game Page

I haven't read any of it. I saw the game and I know what I thought of it.

Ferragamo Likes Changes in Husker Offense - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

As we all know, everything Ferragamo saw depends on the offensive line's ability to give Taylor the time to make a good decision. We didn't have that luxury Saturday.

College Football Rankings, Week 3: LSU Leaps USC; Alabama Still No. 1 -

Nebraska drops to #24 in the Coaches and is absent in the AP. Probably generous on the part of the coaches.

Big Ten bowl projections: Week 3 - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

What a difference a week makes for Nebraska - a drop from a second B1G BCS bid to the Outback. Even worse is that the conference is not expected to merit a second BCS bid, likely surrendering that to either the Big 12 or the Pac-12.

And in case you missed our Sunday articles:

Nebraska vs UCLA Animated Drive Chart - Corn Nation

I could do with shorter and unproductive lines on the part of the opponent.

Report Card: UCLA Bruins 36, Huskers 30 - Corn Nation

Yeah, it's as bad as you'd expect. Nebraska doesn't get any dessert this week.

Blogpoll Top 25 Draft Ballot - Week 2 - Corn Nation

Jon attempts to sort out the top 25 after an incredibly messy and rather terrible weekend of football in which Nebraska-UCLA was actually one of the best games played.

Cobs of the Week: Blackshirts, Iowa, Bill O'Brien, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arkansas, and the whole B1G - Corn Nation

The defensive guru Pelini has the distinction of fielding both of the top two teams for yards given up on defense. And Cosgrove doesn't have that distinction. Something is very, very wrong and let's hope it gets sorted out before B1G play.

Volleyball (8-0)

Huskers Dominate Sooners in 3-0 Sweep - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Huskers Take Down Duquesne in Three Sets - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Huskers Outlast Wildcats in Four Set Thriller - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Lady Huskers had a far better weekend, winning 9 of 10 sets.

Women's Soccer (3-4-0)

Huskers Overpower Redhawks - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Nebraska soccer team (3-4-0) put on a dominating performance on Saturday afternoon at the Nebraska Soccer Field with a 4-0 shutout win over the Southeast Missouri State Redhawks. The Huskers put up a season-high 30 shots, while allowing just one shot all day from the Redhawks.

Great job, ladies!

Men's Golf

Huskers Host Fairway Club Invitational - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska City, Neb. - The Nebraska men's golf team will open its 2012-13 campaign by hosting the Fairway Club Invitational at ArborLinks Golf Course on Monday and Tuesday.

Good luck, gentlemen.

Big Ten (16-8, 6-6 on the week)

Michigan State vs. C Michigan - 2012-09-08 - NCAA College Football Score -

Are they the class of the Big Ten this fall? All signs point to yes - Maxwell should have the whole passing game thing figured out by the time Nebraska visits in November.

Wisconsin vs. Oregon State - 2012-09-08 - NCAA College Football Score -

A lesson in how important staff stability is - Wisconsin has not responded well to their change in leadership on offense.

Air Force vs. Michigan - 2012-09-08 - NCAA College Football Score -

Air Force had Michigan's number - if I'm Pelini, while the defense is practicing tackles and the offense is throwing out dropback passes and zone reads inside the 10 yard line, I'm finding this game film for the game in October. (Air Force is obviously athletically challenged compared to Michigan and yet they weren't blown out of the water. Unlike Nebraska.)

NCAA College Football Recap - Purdue Boilermakers at Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Sep 08, 2012 -

Purdue's three-QB system may not be working. Why they went away from Marve, who knows.

NCAA College Football Recap - Indiana Hoosiers at Massachusetts Minutemen - Sep 08, 2012 -

Indiana beat UMass but lost their QB Tre Roberson (season).

NCAA College Football Recap - Illinois Fighting Illini at Arizona State Sun Devils - Sep 08, 2012 -

The Pac-12 had a very good weekend. Illinois? Not so much and the loss of QB Scheelhaase wasn't their only problem.

What we learned in the Big Ten: Week 2 - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

I don't think any team in the Big Ten should be thinking about the BCS this season. Not even Mitten State.

College GameDay Final: Week 2 - ESPN

The Big Ten can stop trying to claim any football superiority now - it's time to focus on fixing up our own play than complaining about other conferences.

Other Stories

Unclear if Tulane Green Wave safety Devon Walker is paralyzed, doctor says - ESPN

Prayers for a speedy and full recovery.

Instant analysis: ULM 34, Arkansas 31 (OT) - SEC Blog - ESPN

Other teams had bad Saturdays too. Even in the SEC.

Oklahoma State vs. Arizona - 2012-09-08 - NCAA College Football Score -

And the Big 12. (The Pac-12 had a very good weekend.)

Georgia treats Missouri to some ‘grown man football’ | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Missouri's players will learn to keep their mouth shuts quickly.


How They Did: A Look at Our Upcoming and Past Opponents.

Click the link for a recap of each team's previous game.

Date Opponent Last Week This Week Record
9/1 Southern Miss BYE vs East Carolina (1-1) 0-1
9/8 @UCLA vs Nebraska, W 36-30 vs Houston (0-2) 2-0
9/15 Arky State vs Memphis, W 33-28 @ Nebraska (1-1) 1-1
9/22 FCS Idaho vs Black Hill State, W 38-5 BYE 0-1
9/29 Wisconsin @Oregon State, L 7-10 vs Utah State (2-0)
10/6 @URBZville vs UCF, W 31-16 vs Cal (1-1) 2-0
10/13 BYE

10/20 @NU vs Vanderbilt, W 23-13 vs Boston College (1-1) 2-0
10/27 Mitten vs Air Force, W 31-25 vs UMASS (0-2) 1-1
11/3 @Mitten State @ Central Mitten, W 41-7 vs Notre Dame (2-0) 2-0
11/10 Penn State @ Virginia, L 16-17 vs Navy (0-1) 0-2
11/17 Minnesota vs New Hampshire, W 44-7 vs Western Michigan (1-1) 2-0
11/23 @Iowa vs Iowa State, L 6-9 vs Northern Iowa (1-1) 1-1

Overall: 14-8


Join me every morning Monday to Friday for a round-up of the day's stories. Comments, rants and cat pictures are welcome below! (Not a member of CornNation? Join today and take part in the conversation!)

Have a great Monday! GO BIG RED!

-Salt Creek and Stadium