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Off-Season Reads - August 6th, 2012

A run-down of sporting stories from yesterday covering Nebraska athletics, the Big Ten and around the world.

Martinez' throwing motion gets an early "not bad", Joe Ganz becomes Taylor Martinez' handler and the Reads goes on hiatus for the week. Those stories and more below.

26 days to kickoff!


Before we start the sporting news, I'd like to take a moment to congratulate the NASA/JPL team on their amazing accomplishment from last night. Through the brilliant work of their scientists and engineers, they were able to land the roving scientific laboratory Curiosity on the surface of the Mars at about 12:30am, surviving what they described as "Seven Minutes of Terror". Between their use of a sky-crane (essentially a vertical rocket pack with the rover dangling beneath it) and a 14 minute time delay between the lander and the Earth, NASA/JPL managed to land a rover the size of a small sedan on the surface of Mars. Please join me in congratulating this fine achievement!



Huskers Meet Media at Memorial Stadium - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Transcripts and video available from

Hail Varsity - Photo Galleries

Photos from Saturday's practice.

More Nebraska football and other stories after the jump!

(**) Football: Huskers add assistants Ganz, Mandelko |

Glad to see we were able to keep the GANZ on board. Not sure of the differences in NCAA rules or responsibilities allowed for GAs versus interns but I'm sure this is good news.

Klachko transfers from NU - The Grand Island Independent

Some roster notes. Unfortunate news about Peat - we could use all the depth we can get on the defensive line.

28 Facts to Count Down 28 Days to Kickoff - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

4) Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini owns four more victories than any of the other 18 coaches hired prior to the 2008 season.

5) Nebraska is one of only eight schools nationally to win nine games in each of the past four seasons.

6) Among current BCS Conference schools, Pelini is only the sixth first-time head coach in NCAA history to win at least nine games in each of his first four seasons. Three of the six coaches to accomplish that feat coached at Nebraska (Pelini, Tom Osborne and Frank Solich).

Classic homerism justified by numbers.

Oh, and this one:

21) The 2012 Nebraska football roster features 146 players from a total of 23 different states.

National team.

(**) Shatel: Six-week stretch will show if Huskers are back -

This team has come a long way from that 2007 collapse. What standard will the 2012 Cornhuskers leave for the future?

(**) Five stories to follow in Husker fall camp -

Really, it's five storylines and five position battles worth following. (Probably not worth a precious free click.)

Hail Varsity: And so it begins

There's a lot of confidence in these players. Let's hope it plays out on the field. And I like the fire Martinez is showing. I really, really like it.

(**) QB Martinez sets sights on 70% completion rate -

Beck wants Martinez to read these coverages, too. But here's the key: What the receivers thought they saw last year, Martinez also had to see. At the same time. Both halves of the relationship — in a first-year offense against 12 brand new defenses — had to be on the same page.

Let's hope that with a year in this offense, Martinez and his WRs will have a better season.

(**) Camp Chatter: Husker football practice, Aug. 4 |

>> A glimpse of quarterback Taylor Martinez’s new passing mechanics. Martinez’s release point is higher, his motion is more deliberate and his corner throws have more loft. We’ll get a better sense throughout camp of how he’s progressing, but not bad on day one.

Wait. That'll make the shot put release worse!

(**) Husker D-line eager to go on the attack : Husker Extra

Warm and fuzzy words. How can you not be excited for this team? There is more fire with this team than we've seen in previous seasons.

Hail Varsity: Sorting out the secondary

Pelini seems optimistic. I'm willing to give him that.

(**) Husker DBs study Bama : Husker Extra

The secondary is excited to play this season and this is new. (I think LitR blog posts are free to play but marked just in case.)

(**) Red Report: Stafford now can teach, too : Husker Extra

The seven true freshman walk-ons are Brandon Reilly, wide receiver, Lincoln Southwest; Trey Foster, tight end, Lincoln Southeast; Sam Foltz, wide receiver, Grand Island; King Frazier, I-back, Lee's Summit, Mo.; Jordan Nelson, I-back, Omaha Burke; Graham Nabity, I-back, Elkhorn; and Andy Janovich, fullback, Gretna.

Stacking the offense. Seems like we're making sure we're getting reps and building depth.

1902: Speaking in Chicago, Nebraska's chancellor, F. Benjamin Andrews, explains why he's a believer in football. (His name is on Andrews Hall.) - Husker Max

Do you think a modern chancellor or AD would make the same proclamation?

Lawrence Journal-World - Google News Archive Search

An article from 1972 where Devaney warns against making changes to football, or else you risk losing your place in the football echelons. So, what if Devaney hadn't made that argument? What if the Big 8 had followed the Big Ten and attempted to make their league more like the Ivy League?

Bucs LB Lavonte David off to fast start - NFC South Blog - ESPN

Great news for David. We'll miss him. (Please don't hurt Jay Cutler.)

Non-Conference Opponent Update

UCLA's Fall Camp Is Off To A Great Start - From Our Editors -


Ark. trooper fired over Michael Dyer traffic stop - NCAA -

Another twist in the Michael Dyer-Arkansas State drama.


Huskers Announce Volleyball Television Coverage for 2012 Season - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Looks like a fun slate. Make a note on your calendars!

Nebraska Olympians

Maric Helps Australia to Win over Great Britain - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Former Husker Aleks Maric returned to the starting lineup on Saturday, helping Australia to a crucial victory over Great Britain at the 2012 London Olympics.

Aubry, Canada Prepare for Team USA - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Former Husker Chelsea Aubry and the Canadian women's basketball team concluded Group B pool play with a 2-3 record after a 72-63 loss to Australia on Sunday at the Olympics.

Congrats to both players and their respective home countries on their fortunes so far.

Other Stories

ESPN changes college football announcer lineup

Your list of annoying people for this fall.

The Best Usain Bolt Photo - From Our Editors -

If we're going for nightmare fuel...why not this?

Repeat after me: Odds are stacked against Alabama repeating as national champion |

Hopefully, a non-SEC team takes the crown. Does a Big Ten team have what it takes? I don't think so. But I think the Big 12 or Pac 12 could put someone up.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: TCU's Pachall will not face team discipline " Standard-Times

I don't want to cast aspersions but what if he wasn't the starter?

I Hope It Had Power Windows - From Our Editors -

Boise State can't cheat like the big boys. No wonder they didn't get an invite from the Big 12.


Unfortunately, this will be all you hear from me on the links front this week. I am moving down South this week and between packing and bidding farewells to my friends and family, I will not be able to provide posts this week. Assuming all goes well with the move, I should be back up and running a week from today.

Until then, my senior colleagues will surely fill the hole in your schedule with other Nebraska-centric content, mostly of a football flavor. Be sure to check out Mike's Michigan preview later this morning and look for more discussion throughout the week.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

- Salt Creek and Stadium

Off-Season Reads will return Monday, August 13th, 2012.