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Where We Gather For Friday Night Football!!!

Welcome to the Friday Night Corn Nation game thread, where we need a new name for game threads because "game thread" or "open thread" seems so... oh... pre-2011ish.

We need a catchy new name because catchy new things are fun and shiny and in case you haven't noticed, there's a whole lot of new and shiny going on here at CN these days. We've got a whole gob of new writers and we're coming into the 2012 season mostly organized. The same ol' unorganized schizophrenic dude runs the place so you never know what exactly is going to happen.

The big game of the evening, then one we'll all be watching is Boise State at Michigan State. Sparty is a main competitor for the western division crown, so we'll be watching to see:

- Who is going to be scoring the actual points, i.e., touchdowns, field goals, for Sparty?

- Is Sparty's defense as good as foretold?

- How many plastic bags will blow across the field during the game?

Join us! Invite your friends!