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Nebraska Releases Depth Chart for 2012 Season Opener

Jamal Turner is out of the doghouse, and on the depth chart. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Jamal Turner is out of the doghouse, and on the depth chart. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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Hot off the Internets, Bo Pelini has released an official depth chart. The big news is that Brion Carnes, last year's backup, is now the fourth string quarterback. Ron Kellogg III or Tommy Armstrong are the backups. Likely this means that Armstrong probably redshirts...unless Taylor Martinez suffers some sort of injury. (Don't get any wild Tanya Harding ideas, you Negataylors!)

The other highlights of the list:
  • Sophomore Tyler Wubbenwaller will back up Kenny Bell. We've heard rumors about Wubbenwaller and his speed being fastest on the team.
  • Tim Marlowe or Jamal Turner will be your "A" receivers in 3 receiver packages. Marlowe is here because of his work effort and dedication; Turner is here because of raw ability and talent. Look for both to play.
  • Jeremiah Siriles or Andrew Rodriguez will be your right tackles
  • Justin Jackson is your starting center. Cole Pensick will back him as well as Seung Hoon Choi at left guard.
  • Backing up Rex Burkhead are, in order, Ameer Abdullah, Braylon Heard, and Imani Cross.
  • Mike Marrow is your top fullback.
  • Thad Randle or Chase Rome will alternate (in that order) next to Baker Steinkuhler at defensive tackle.
  • Alonzo Whaley will back up Sean Fisher at the Buck linebacker spot. David Santos will back up Whaley at Will linebacker.
  • Andrew Green will start at one cornerback spot. At the other, it's Josh Mitchell or Stanley Jean-Baptiste. Ciante Evans gets a mention with an "or" as well, but he's your nickel back. No sight of Mohammed Seisay on this list.
  • P.J. Smith gets the nod ahead of Harvey Jackson at safety, along side Daimion Stafford on the other side.