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Southern Miss Week Reads - August 31st, 2012

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First off, a word from Coach Pelini:

Alrighty then.

Don't miss DallasHusker's Q&A with Landon Howell of about Southern Mississippi! And dpm917 talks ROSE BOWL.

Today is the last day of the "off-season". The Reads will continue on, bringing you coverage of Nebraska and Big Ten sports and other stories from college football and beyond. Debuting Monday and continuning every Monday this season, I'll have a schedule for Nebraska, with links to previous week game recaps for each opponent. We'll also cover our Big Ten conference brethren in more depth in a separate post every Monday.

Expectations are high, UCLA wins a tough game against Rice and a national network picked up the Longhorn Network. Those stories and more below.

LAST DAY OF THE OFF-SEASON. Tomorrow we kickoff! (Here's the coverage map.)

Join us tonight as we watch Sparta take on Boise State at 6pm CDT and come back tomorrow for the first Saturday of the season. It'll be marvelous, there will be games, game threads and cat pictures.

Remember, the game is slated to begin at 2:30 CDT on ABC. (Or ESPN2. And as I understand it, the international broadcast for ESPN is indeed Nebraska versus Southern Miss. Your start time will vary.)

(Sites indicated by the double asterix (**) may have a limited number of views per 30 day/month period.)

Football (0-0)

Keys and Expectations

Nebraska's Keys to Victory: Game 1, Southern Miss - Corn Nation

In case you missed it, ruacornhead2 took sometime to consider the keys to a Nebraska victory on Saturday. If you're looking for keys to defeat, take each of those keys and consider the worst opposite possible, like Rex Burkhead fumbling the ball 80 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

More Nebraska football and other stories after the Jump!

(**) Three keys vs. Southern Miss : Husker Extra

Not so much keys as things to look for.


Husker Dan gives his expectations and keys to a successful season for Nebraska and Bo Pelini. He gets a little over-ambitious on Pelini's side-line demeanor but other than that, it's a very optimistic outlook.

Team News

Big Ten rankings: No. 2, Rex Burkhead - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Frankly, I'd say its a toss-up between Burkhead and Ball. Ball has the luxury of the concrete chicane that is Wisconsin's offensive line.

Husker Football Notebook: Superdome may host Huskers-Eagles in 2013 - The Grand Island Independent : Sports: college football, nebraska, southern miss, superdome, taariq allen

And Nebraska's new stadium tour continues. Man, the classes of 2009 and 2010 are a lucky bunch, aren't they? JerryWorld, the Holiday Bowl, the Capitol One Bowl, Big Ten stadiums, Big 12 stadiums and now the Superdome? (And hopefully Indianapolis and the Fiesta or Rose Bowl this fall?) Pretty cool.

(**) Scouting Southern Miss: Breaking down the Golden Eagles : Husker Extra

The Journal Star takes a look at Southern Miss and comes to the conclusion that USM is a very dangerous opponent.

(**) Husker defense knows it must step up on money down : Husker Extra

Trying to get the defense back to attacking instead of reacting.

(**) Practice report: Pelini says Westerkamp could help NU, but… |

Westerkamp will be a situational decision. And it sounds like offensive line is Pelini's next target for emphasis. His words didn't sound like a vote of confidence.

(**) Notes: Huskers prepare for everything -

Sounds like the potential for big plays by USM is pretty high. But as long as we control the field for the most part, we shouldn't have too tough of a time.


(**) Jackson brings attitude, confidence to new role : Husker Extra

Our new center. Go get 'em, Justin.

(**) NU assistant Fisher's improvised route -

Our wide receivers coach taught Tom Brady how to play golf better. So Nebraska should do better in future charity golf tournaments, right?

(**) Shatel: Beck refines his chess without acting like a king -

We may very well see the #2 QB come in if Martinez struggles. Same at RB. That's a nice change.

Opinions and Off-Beat Stories

(**) Chatelain: Students live with different NU aura -

A little strange but I think the last section is important. Us young kids, who didn't witness Osborne, haven't given up on Nebraska. There is NO place like Nebraska, and we're a part of that.

There Is No Topping Off Story Like Nebraska - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

We do barn-raisin's right out in the Midwest.

Rodgers: Burkhead Website Team-Related - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Is Burkhead a different kind of Heisman candidate?

UCLA (1-0)

UCLA QB Brett Hundley scores on his first collegiate snap | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

He would then spend the rest of the game mostly uncomfortable in the pocket.

Owls unable to overcome early deficit - Houston Chronicle

Rice (yes, that Rice) still gave UCLA a tough fight. If our defense can be moderately better than Rice's (I think we'll be okay), we should be fine.

Volleyball (3-0)

Huskers Travel to California for Pair of Matches - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Some notes on Nebraska's trip to California this weekend. They will play at 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Saturday. Radio feeds will be available and free audio will be streamed from

Track and Field

Huskers Announce 2013 Schedule - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Good luck on their pursuit of a second Big Ten championship!

Cross Country

2012 Nebraska Women's Cross Country Preview - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

A lot of emphasis on incoming runners to help push Nebraska.

2012 Nebraska Men's Cross Country Preview - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

They're also very young.


Big Ten Announces 2013 Conference Hoops Schedule - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Remember, low expectations for this fall. (The ladies' schedule was released today - I'll link to it on Monday.)

Big Ten (1-0)

Minnesota wins!

Minnesota defeats UNLV 30-27 in 3 OT - Yahoo! Sports

And the Big Ten notches it's first victory of the season! Way to go, 1904 National Champions!

Sparta takes on Boise State tonight!

Here's some links to get you started:

Michigan State Vs. Boise State: Spartans Get Season Started Friday Night - SB Nation Detroit

Previewing MSU Vs. Boise State - The Only Colors

Gameday vitals: Boise State vs. Michigan State game info - One Bronco Nation Under God

Boise State

Meet your 2012 Boise State football team - One Bronco Nation Under God

Boise State football depth chart versus Michigan State - One Bronco Nation Under God

Keys to the game for Boise State vs. Michigan State - One Bronco Nation Under God

Game Week Q&A: One Bronco Nation Under God - The Only Colors

Mitten State

Know your enemy: Michigan State edition - One Bronco Nation Under God

MSU Preseason Football Preview- Defense Edition - The Only Colors

2012 MSU Football Preview: The Offense - The Only Colors

2012 MSU Football Preview: Special Teams - The Only Colors

Other Stories

Missed pass interference call creates controversy for South Carolina and Vanderbilt | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

The SEC will issue an apology and that'll be that.

Big East looking to add 14th football member - Yahoo! Sports

Good luck with that. I guess SOS will be much more important in a season or two.

Longhorn Network, AT&T U-verse Have A Deal, SB Nation Reports -

Texas' long national (*snicker*) nightmare is over! (It'll fit right in with the half-billion other channels no one watches.)


Join us here at Corn Nation for tonight's game thread.

Tonight's games:

Friday, August 31
6:00 PM Villanova at Temple ESPN 3 Tickets
6:30 PM North Carolina State vs. Tennessee* Tickets
7:00 PM No. 24 Boise State at No. 13 Michigan State Tickets
7:00 PM Wagner at Florida Atlantic ESPN 3 Tickets
9:00 PM San Jose State at No. 21 Stanford Pac-12 Network

My picks in bold.

And here'sa link to this weekend's games, courtesy of the Mothership.


Join me every morning Monday to Friday for a round-up of the day's stories. Comments, rants and cat pictures are welcome below! (Not a member of CornNation? Join today and take part in the conversation!)

Have a great Friday! GO BIG RED!

-Salt Creek and Stadium