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Off-Season Reads - August 3rd, 2012

Are you ready for more UCLA-Illinois tire fires? The NCAA certainly thinks so.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Are you ready for more UCLA-Illinois tire fires? The NCAA certainly thinks so. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Getty Images

A run-down of sporting stories from yesterday covering Nebraska athletics, the Big Ten and around the world.

Abdullah and Cameron get watchlisted, volleyball sells out and the NCAA decides that even teams with losing records can go bowling. Those stories and more below.

29 days to kickoff!

And tomorrow is the start of fall camp. We've reach the fringes of civilization, everyone! Break out those pads!

Nebraska Olympic Events for Today:

Chantae McMillan, Team USA, Track and Field - Heptathlon

Gyorgyi Farkas, Hungary, Track and Field - Heptathlon

- 100m Hurdles 4:05am CDT

- High Jump, 5:15am CDT

- Shot Put, 1pm CDT

- 200m, 2:45pm CDT

Jordan Larson, Team USA, Volleyball vs Serbia, 2pm CDT

Chelsea Aubry, Canada, Women's Basketball vs Brazil, 8:30am CDT

Brittany Timko/Katrina LeBlanc, Canada, Women's Soccer vs Great Britain, 1:30pm CDT

Carl Myerscough, Great Britain, Men's Shot Put, Quals @ 4am CDT, Finals @ 2:30pm CDT

Therese Alshammar, Sweden, Women's Swimming - 50m Free, Heat @ 4am CDT, Semis @ 2pm CDT

Nebraska football and other stories after the jump!


Meredith Named to Hendricks Award Watch List - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Senior Cameron Meredith joined the group of Huskers earning preseason recognition, as he was named to the Ted Hendricks Award watch list. The Hendricks Award goes to the best defensive end in the country. Congratulations to Cameron!

Watch List | The Paul Hornung Award

Ameer Abdullah checks in.

Too Much Information: the Nebraska Edition - Black Shoe Diaries

Can we go back to the Bugeaters or Bullbats?

Summer Snapshot 2012: Nebraska Cornhuskers - Black Shoe Diaries

Nice little review of Nebraska heading into fall camp.


Volleyball Tickets Go Fast - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Nebraska volleyball team's consecutive sellout streak of 164 matches at the NU Coliseum will continue to grow during the 2012 campaign. After single-match tickets went on sale Wednesday morning at 8 a.m., the Nebraska Athletic Ticket Office announced that tickets were sold out in less than 30 minutes.

That's awesome.

Big Ten

Ohio State Fall Camp To Be Featured On ESPNU, ESPN Series 'ESPN All-Access: Ohio State Training Days' - Land-Grant Holy Land

Because that's completely fair to other schools. Hey, NCAA, you know how you're looking for unfair competitive advantages? THIS IS ONE OF THOSE.

Big Ten preview: After all the drama, Wisconsin sits at center stage - NCAA Football - News, Scores, Stats, Schedule and BCS Rankings

(One thing - the author indicates Wisconsin gets Nebraska at home. That is obviously an error.)

And if O'Brien is a pocket passer as this article suggests, I like our chances a lot more.

Did You See This? Assembly Hall adds "B1G" logo " Big Ten Network

What do you think? Should Indiana fans be up in arms?

Penn State Transfers: Ryan Nowicki To Illinois After All -

Tim Beckman's strategy worked!

Sir, Please Sign My Baby - From Our Editors -

I feel sorry for the player.


Team USA Hammers Nigeria, Sets Scoring Record In 156-73 Win -

Nigeria didn't have a chance.

Kick Save And A Beauty - From Our Editors -

This is indeed pretty awesome.

Yesterday's Results for Nebraska's Olympians:

Maric Helps Australia to First Win; Dagunduro Sidelined - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

I think it's a little bit of hyperbole here but yes, Australia did get their first win, 81-61, over China. Maric and Australia now face elimination against Great Britain on Saturday at 2pm CDT.

In sad news, Dagunduro suffered a knee injury against Lithuania (missed that before) and did not play against Team USA. (The way things went, I'm not sure he would've changed the tide much...) Dagunduro should be ready to go Saturday when Nigeria, facing elimination, goes against Argentina at 4:15pm CDT.

Other Stories

Terrible Bowl Games Could Survive Playoff System, For Now - From Our Editors -

*sigh* Oh, but it gets worse - read the next story.

NCAA's new bowl game tiebreakers include FCS wins, 5-7 teams - ESPN

This is the opposite of what we needed to happen. The bowl system is a mess and now we're going to make it easier to fill crappy bowls? I guess college football is really all about the money at this point.

Next week the NCAA will announce they intend to hand out national championship participation trophies to everyone for just playing through their entire season.

College Football Recruiting Starts Earlier And Earlier, Whether NCAA Likes It Or Not -

How do you think the NCAA should fix recruiting? Is it appropriate to allow schools to offer sophomores? Freshmen? Eighth graders?


A reminder: the drought is almost over! FOOTBALL IS NEAR.
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Have a great weekend!
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