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2012 College Football Top 25 - The First Blogpoll Is Upon Us!

Les Miles has my #1 vote.
Les Miles has my #1 vote.

College football season is here and with it comes a horrific attempt to rank 25 teams. The full blogpoll is after the jump, and like always, I need your input.

I especially need to know who deserves to be ranked since I really didn't find 25 team worthy of the honor. Ohio State is not ranked due to their probation, and I removed Notre Dame because, well, why the hell do they deserve to be ranked?

Virginia and Western Michigan? Well, honestly, I just threw them in there without much thought. Consider yourself trolled and respond accordingly with whatever teams you'd throw in there in place of them.

I dropped TCU quite a bit because of the fact that they'll be facing much better competition this season. I did not do that to Western Virginia. Is that fair? Is that how you would have done it?

What about Arkansas and Kansas State?