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2012 Ohio State Preseason Q&A - Where Braxton Miller Is Perfect

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Luke Zimmermann of the newly formed SB Nation Ohio State site Land Grant Holy Land joins us for the Buckeye Preseason Q&A.

Name one thing you learned about Nebraska or its fans that stood out last season.
They sure hate that darned Rose Bowl! The good news is the universe reciprocates and fortunately you guys probably won't have to play in one anytime soon (I jest!).

Now that Nebraska's honeymoon season is over, is there anything you'd like to say to Husker fans before the 2012 season starts?

You're still underclassmen. Hazing will continue until morale improves.

What will happen to Urban Meyer when he runs into cold?

"Theraflu", but after legal overtures from the Novartis company, will change the name to "Way Too Cold" then simply "Cold". (/Kanye West joke'd)

One season and Braxton Miller is being touted as the second-greatest quarterback in the Big Ten behind Denard Robinson. Do you think he'll live up to that billing?

Yes. He's in the perfect system for his skill set and is probably the best dual threat quarterback Ohio State's ever had.

Describe your (persona) pre-game ritual in Columbus. If you don't have one, fantasize for us about what you think those guys that wear those buckeye necklaces would do.

Gosh, when I was a student it usually involved ginger ale, coffee, and either Aspirin or hair of the dog. A cold shower and a power walk to get to my seat in-time for kick was usually the m.o.

Now a days, as an old man, I wake up, immediately regret trying to relive my college years the night before, and do tailgate-ish type things. Watching non-Ohio State football (if a later game) is a must. Maybe play some cornhole, drink a few delicious adult beverages, and catch up with as many old friends as possible before game time is usually a recipe for a real good time (TM - Pitbull).

What the heck do people do with buckeyes? Do they eat them? Throw them at opposing fans?

They're poisonous, so no, unless we're talking the peanut butter dessert, in which case, they eat them in abundance. They're also good luck, so using them as projectiles might produce some weirdness in the karma department.

Pre-season game prediction. What happens this year in Columbus?

To quote the warrior poet Bane, "It would be extremely painful... for you."