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Countdown to 2012: 15 Straight Over The Minnesota Golden Gophers

#5 - MarQueis Gray. A pretty good athlete, but unfortunately doesn't have a whole lot around him.
#5 - MarQueis Gray. A pretty good athlete, but unfortunately doesn't have a whole lot around him.

15 days left ‘til the start of the 2012 football season.

15? Tommie Frazier was #15. That jersey is retired.

This year's #15s are Brion Carnes and Michael Rose.

Over the last 15 seasons, Nebraska is second amongst B1G schools in sending players to the NFL.

15 - the number of receptions last season for both Kyler Reed and Jamal Turner.

15 - the number of rushing touchdowns for Rex Burkhead in 2011.

15ish - the number of sacks last season not counting Lavonte David's 5.5.

15 - the year before you can legally drive making it the most terrifying year of any parent's life.

15 - the number of fumbles gained against BCS opponents last season.

And the most prominent 15 of them all (because I say so) - the 15-game win streak Nebraska has over Minnesota. Minnesota hasn't beaten Nebraska since 1954. That's 58 years ago. If that ain't enough, despite not playing in the same conference, Nebraska accounts for three of top 12 games in losing differential in Gopher history, including that one in 1983 where we beat them a cajilion to 13.

Little know fact - Napoleon once said of Minnesota: "She is a sleeping giant. And let her sleep, as when she awakens, she will stir the world."

Fortunately for Nebraska, it appears there's no danger of Minnesota awakening any time soon. Minnesota is in a state of hell in sports, not just college football, but pretty much everything that anyone can think of. The Vikings suck, the Twins suck, the Timberwolves (BWWAAAA HAHAHAH), and then there's the Wild. The place is like a nightmare.

The college football team is doing the right things. They built a new stadium. They got a coach who appears to have the ability to coach football, unlike their last coach who... WTF were they thinking when they hired Tim Brewster? I still can't get over that.... They have some good players, like quarterback MarQueis Gray and linebacker Keanon Cooper. They just need to pick up a few more wins this season, and maybe they'll be on their way to building something (I'm trying to be nice).

I don't see Minnesota beating Nebraska any time soon. I can see them catching us off guard in Minneapolis at some point, but not beating us in Lincoln.

I can only imagine how long this streak will last, though. Of course, I thought the same thing last year about Northwestern.