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Off-Season Reads - August 16th, 2012

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A run-down of sporting stories from the weekend covering Nebraska athletics, the Big Ten and around the world.

Nebraska opens up about the lack of all black uniforms, Wisconsin QB #1 may be the most difficult QB position in the Big Ten and the Pac-12 Network is more successful than the Longhorn Network. Those stories and more below.

16 days to kickoff!

(Sites indicated by the double asterix (**) may have a limited number of views per 30 day/month period.)


Hail Varsity: Practice Report – Day 12

Bradon Vogel reports on Wednesday morning's practice.

Husker Locker - Unsung Husker Heroes: The Nebraska Football Video Crew Part Three

Part 3 of Husker Locker's adventures with the Nebraska Football video crew takes them to practice.

Nebraska 2012 team preview - NCAA Football -

They're very high on our offense's potential. With the rushing tandem of Martinez and Burkhead, I have to agree that if we can shore up our passing game (#104 last fall), this team is ready to make a serious challenge for the league crown. (Assuming, of course, that our defense returns to top 15 form.)

More Nebraska football and other stories after the Jump!

(**) NU's Joseph teaches to each defensive back's style -

Gotta say, we didn't see many articles about Corey Raymond, did we? Joseph sounds like quite the catch. Unfortunately, if he's as good as he sounds, we may not be able to keep him.

Hail Varsity: The Story Behind the Black

Finally, an explanation for why the jerseys weren't all black. (I don't like it. Black isn't a primary color. These aren't our primary jerseys. If we're going off script, let's at least get something presentable.)

Analyst says Huskers are poised for a big season - The Grand Island Independent : Sports: college football, nebraska, ed cunningham,

Hey, we remember Ed! Yeah...might be kind of hard to listen to him but hey, he's saying nice things about us this time!

Nebraska, No. 14 in Times countdown, should vie for Big Ten title -

Only thing of note is some rumor that UCLA was a possible destination for Taylor had he skipped out after Texas A&M.


It’s Now or Never to Bid Coliseum a Farewell - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The final season inside the hallowed doors of the NU Coliseum begins Saturday night with a traditional 2012 season-opening scrimmage. For every Husker fan out there who's wanted to experience Nebraska volleyball at one of the most popular sites in women's intercollegiate athletics, it's now or never.


Huskers Release 2012-13 Schedule - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Nebraska wrestling team announced a challenging schedule for the 2012-13 season on Wednesday, which includes a trip to Madison Square Garden as well as matches against the top three NCAA finishers from 2012.

Good luck!

Women's Tennis

Weatherholt Wins National Summer Circuit Title - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska senior Mary Weatherholt paired with Iowa's Katie Zordani to capture the doubles title at the 2012 ITA/USTA National Summer Circuit Championships held in Bloomington, Ind., Aug. 11-14.

Congratulations to Mary Weatherholt! (Did it have to be with Iowa though?)

Women's Soccer

Huskers Open 2012 Season at Oklahoma - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Nebraska soccer team is set to open its second season as members of the Big Ten Conference on Friday, Aug. 17, when Head Coach John Walker's squad visits Norman, Okla., for a 7 p.m. with the Oklahoma Sooners.

Good luck, ladies!

Non-conference Opponent Update

Johnson: Eagles 'not very tough' | Hattiesburg American |

Ellis Johnson doesn't sugar-coat anything, does he?

Big Ten

Poll: Big Ten quarterbacks under pressure - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Frankly, I'd pick Danny O'Brien or WISCONSIN QB #1. They have to follow Russel Wilson, the best QB ever for Wisconsin. That's like Pelini, Solich or Callahan following Osborne. It's just an impossible task.

College football top 25: Wisconsin benefits from screw-ups by fellow Big Ten Conference members -

Let me fix the first sentence.

Wisconsin doesn't need(s) help winning Big Ten Conference championships, but and it sure keeps getting it.

College Football: Big Ten's Must-See Games of 2012 |

Lots of love for Nebraska. (Duh.)

Big Ten Draft O' Snark: The Fourth Bit | mgoblog

MGoBlog is re-drafting the Big Ten. Take a look! This round has quite a few Nebraska picks.

FIGHTINGILLINI.COM - Beckman Adds Another Offensive Lineman

Happy trails, Klachko. Hope you find whatever was missing.

Other Stories

Pac-12 Networks Now Open For Business -

In less than 24 hours, the Pac-12 Network is already more successful than the Longhorn Network.

The physics of football: As players get faster, stronger, game becomes more dangerous | Indianapolis Star |

"No number of ingenious helmet designers are going to get us away from this problem unless players start looking like the Michelin Man," Gay said.

Some interesting points. Of course, the next evolution is all of the players dressing up in blow-up mascot suits and attempting to play football. Nebraska would win because who wants to take on Lil' Red?

College Football's Top 25 Mascots in the Country - Yahoo! Sports

Speaking of Lil' Red, an entirely subjective list of mascots. I want to note that Lil' Red is not on it. (I maintain my position in the face of any and all opposition.)

Georgia State's Bill Curry to retire after season - Yahoo! Sports

Possible opening for an offensive or defensive coordinator? If Beck is successful in producing a top 20 passing attack this fall, is he ready or would Pelini encourage him to pursue a head coaching post?

Maryland QB Brown out for season with torn ACL - Yahoo! Sports

Think Randy makes it out of this season with his job? Maybe he can go to Georgia State.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico: USMNT Make History With 1-0 Win -

Congrats to USMNT on their historic victory down in Mexico!


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