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Off-Season Reads - August 15th, 2012

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Rex Burkhead apologizes for the lack of news today. Pelini runs a tight ship so no scandals to blather on about.  (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Rex Burkhead apologizes for the lack of news today. Pelini runs a tight ship so no scandals to blather on about. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Getty Images

A run-down of sporting stories from the weekend covering Nebraska athletics, the Big Ten and around the world.

Taylor Martinez would've been the best passer ever in 1963, Jordan Burroughs' success may pay dividends for Cornhusker wrestling and the Mothership reviews this fall's fashions. Those stories and more below.

17 days to kickoff!

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'N' for 'Nowledge

Huskers Place Five on Scholastic All-America List - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches/Women (NACGC/W) announced team and individual Scholastic All-America award winners for the 2011-12 season on Tuesday.

Congratulations, ladies!


Hail Varsity: Instant Replay: The 1964 Orange Bowl

QB Dennis Claridge threw for 1,733 yards and 8 TDs over THREE SEASONS. And he was the school record holder in 1963. (Taylor Martinez would've fit in just fine back then, don't you think?)

Husker Locker - Unsung Husker Heroes: The Nebraska Football Video Crew Part Two

The second part of Husker Locker's meeting with the Nebraska Football video crew.

More Nebraska sporting news and other stories after the Jump! (Sorry, I forgot this last night. - SCS)


Huskers Unveil Nebraska Non-Conference Basketball Schedule - Corn Nation

In case you missed it yesterday evening, Nebrasketball released their non-conference slate for this fall. To quote dpm917 "For a program with a first year head coach and little returning experience, it's ambitious." Let's hope it's not too ambitious.


Jordan Burroughs Creates Recruiting Ripple - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The next 10 words of this interview are as golden for Nebraska as the previous night was for Burroughs. "I still live and train full time in Lincoln, Nebraska," Burroughs told Michaels.

That'll be good for competing in the Big Ten, methinks.

Big Ten

Pre-Snap Read - Ohio State 2012: A College Football Blog

"Considering that he didn’t land his first top job until 2001, Meyer has a pretty impressive coaching tree. Seven of his former assistants are head coaches."

Say what you will about Urbz, he does have a fairly decent coaching tree.

Two former Big Ten coaches join CBS Sports Network - JSOnline

As long as they're kept away from the Big Ten, all is good. (Zook and Nutt? I want to watch CBS just for that!)

Big Ten Conference - More Unders in 2012 -

The depletion of the East means Indiana has a better chance at winning the Big Ten than Minnesota.

Other Stories

2012's New College Football Uniforms: Your Complete Fall Plumage Guide -

Peruse this year's prom dresses Gucci bags football uniforms. All I can say are silly.


/gets hit by Lavonte David and Ndamukong Suh

Vols settling in at Milligan College: More notes and quotes from camp | Evan's Eleven |

Speaking of hard hits, Tennessee #98 Daniel McCullers is a 6' 8", 380 lb nose tackle. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be chased by that.

Aztecs' Long considers fourth-down gambit |

"Punting is offensive failure," Kelley has said. "It’s willingly giving the ball to the other team — a voluntary turnover."

What do you think? Should Nebraska go for the "Always go on fourth" approach? Or is Maher's leg good enough of a weapon?

The most expensive college football games - Sports Business News, Analysis - Dollars Blog - ESPN Playbook - ESPN

BOOM. 318 sold-out games at Memorial and counting.

Kansas turns to Weis to rebuild football program - Yahoo! Sports

Weis continues to be mostly disconnected with the programs he inherits. Kansas students are just like Indiana students - just counting down the days until basketball starts.

Texas eyes 2012 as time to return to elite - Yahoo! Sports

QBs are pesky things. You'd think Texas could find one.

College football roundup: Aresco named Big East commissioner - Yahoo! Sports

Maybe the Big East will try to get on CBS?

You're Poor: 10 Sports You Can't Afford -

A look at some of the more expensive hobbies in the world.


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Have a great Wednesday!
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