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Tyler Moore - Gone From Nebraska?

Things aren't looking good in the area of a large Nebraska sophomore tackle who was the only freshman in Nebraska history to start his first eligible game EVAH!

(you have to read the entire rest of this story in a 40s movie character voice because I demand it)*

Rumors Rumors RUMORS!! I SAY, just earlier today came word that Tyler Moore stormed out of practice tossing his Husker career behind him!

Since, it's all been chaos and mayhem throughout the Huskerdom, until this clear cut piece, this morsel, came from only GOD knows where:


(Updated photo to remove dude's profile pic that took the screenshot)

Could it be made up? Could it be 'shopped?


But holy shit if it's true, then Tyler Moore isn't the only one who's sorry it had to end like this. I'm sorry. You're probably sorry. That sonabitch who always stares at my hot wife when I walk into the bar is sorry too, even though he's a complete bastard!!!

If true, then all is lost, all is lost, my friends, companions. Will not Bo be able to talk young Tyler into returning? (Frank Solich brought a Heisman Trophy winner back, just sayin'). Was Mr Moore angered by Mr Cotton's constant need to move men around on the line?

Who knows the truth? Who can answer? What will tomorrow bring???

*I fucking hate Family Guy, but I couldn't find a better example. Or suddenly, I did.