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Nebraska Recruiting Recap: Class of 2012 (Part 2)

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Newbies? This is Rex Burkhead. I don't care what the recruiters told you or how hard they kissed your asses. You are nowhere near this good yet.  (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Newbies? This is Rex Burkhead. I don't care what the recruiters told you or how hard they kissed your asses. You are nowhere near this good yet. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
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OK, if you're reading this, I can only assume that you've completed Part 1 and are starting to know these kids better than their own mommas. As a matter of fact, we insist on it. An informed readership is a prerequisite here at Corn Nation, so before continuing, you will be required to take a brief quiz to make sure that this information is sticking with you. Once you have received a passing grade (you may have to take it more than once), you will be allowed to continue on.


Have you passed?? Excellent - continue on:


6'2" 170, 4.65 Forty
Winnfield Senior HS, LA
Ratings: 89 *** 24/7, **** #22 Athlete, #9 in Louisiana Rivals
Offers: LaTech, Memph, Minny, OleMiss, MissSt, NWSt, aTm

Notes: Four star athlete from Louisiana who will start out on the depth chart as a CB. His film shows him mostly at QB so who knows. If he's got the athlete tag, that build, AND he's going to be a cornerback, I'm hoping the 40 time is a misprint

Justin Test: Alonzo looks like a pretty skinny bastard. I'm pretty sure if I could get ahold of one of those dye-job dread locks and haul him down, I could pretty much own his ass. The catching him would be the hard part, I don't believe for a minute that he only runs a 4.65 unless he did it backwards as a goof. Reminds me of when Rivals had T-Mart down for a 4.7. Let's just hope we don't hand Alonzo the starting QB job and hope it all works out in 3 or 4 years.

Projection: Much like TE and safety, CB is a position where the depth chart thins out in a hurry; in this case after the five CB's in the junior class run out of eligibility in two years. He's a lock to redshirt and then it's a matter of how well he's learned the position, because he will be given an opportunity.


6'4" 245
Defensive End
Corona del Sol HS, Tempe, AZ
Ratings: 86 *** 24/7, *** #33 DE #12 in Arizona Rivals
Offers: Ariz, ASU, BSU, Purd, SDSU, Stan, Wash, Wazzu

Notes: It's hard not to say something about the ears. Really hard, but something tells me he's heard 'em all anyway. He looks like a really happy kid and may be the team prankster with that smile. On the field, he's got good size and speed, a nice burst and a good motor. Overpursues at times, but stays with the play when this happens. Papuchis and Kaz will coach some patience into him.

Justin Test: He looks like a pretty happy guy, but those jug ears and baby face are a total camouflage. This kid could slap me around like Moe from the Three Stooges. He wouldn't though, he'd probably just grab me by the back of the neck and drag my ass around giggling and telling everyone that he was Jeff Dunham and I was his new dummy named Lunch Wagon or something.

Projection: Can totally see Moss as McMullen's bookend on the other side in three years.


6' 230, 4.68
Inside Linebacker
Rockhurst HS, KC, MO
Ratings: 95 **** 24/7, *** #15 ILB #5 in Missouri Rivals
Offers: Ind, Iowa, KU, OSU, SoCal

Notes: Anyone who saw the Under Armour game knows that this kid is the real deal. He quite simply was making the highlight plays against the best in the country. Also, he was the one commit in the class who took on the role of recruiting others. He's a ball player and a leader. I'm betting his name is one they'll be saying around the state for awhile after he's done.

Justin Test: After seeing him move in the Army All-American Bowl, I'd rather take on that fucking bear from Semi Pro. I wouldn't get in a cage with Rose unless they gave me a taser and a long sword, and even then I'd probably be screaming "Spumoni!" and pissing myself the minute the bell rang. The fact that Rivals left this guy as just a three star is proof they quit even glancing these kids' way after their summer Nike camp. He will be a beast.

Projection: Redshirts this year and starts in 2013. He and Santos will be a devastating pair for multiple seasons. If he stays healthy and progresses, all the post-season accolades will be there for the taking.


6'2" 200
Eatern Arizona JC
Ratings: 93 **** 24/7, **** #8 JC Rivals
Offers: ASU, Ark, Cal, FSU, Ill, Ind, KSU, MissSt, UNC, Okie, OregSt, TexTch, WKU

Notes: When no one stepped up while Dennard was recovering, the pressure was on to find a lockdown corner to start right away in 2012. Seisay is that corner. We hope. Played a season at Memphis where he made the freshman all-conference team. Big guy for a corner with jets and some nice hands. Doesn't shy from the contact, don't be surprised to see the occasional undersized receiver get chucked to the turf.

Justin Test: 200 lb. lockdown corners from junior colleges are probably best not dicked around with. This guy looks like a pissed off 32 year old posing for his mug shot while being booked for street fighting without a mark on him. His opponent will be charged when he's released from intensive care. No thank you to this one either, the only thing preventing my murder would be if the crowd pulled him off after he dropped me. Which wouldn't take long.

Projection: If he's not starting against Southern Miss, we have a problem.


6'5" 274, 5.0, 290 Bench
Offensive Tackle
Arvada West HS, CO
Ratings: 92 **** 24/7, **** #147 Rivals250 #14 OT #3 in Colorado Rivals
Ariz, ASU, Ark, Cal, KU, KSU, Mich, NW, ND, Ore, Stan, UCLA, Utah

Notes: In high school games at least, shows an ability to flatten people on straight ahead run blocking, blow D-linemen up when pulling, and look comfortable in pass blocking. Plays to the whistle and stays on guys after the runner has gone by. Looks like a great pickup.

Justin Test: He's got a nice smile and the bench press isn't impressive, but he seems to play with a high degree of red ass. To be honest, he sort of looks like something from The Hills Have Eyes. I have no problem picturing him chasing me with a tire chain in one hand and a two by four with a railroad spike rammed through it in the other. I'd be lucky if this terror of southwestern wastelands ONLY kicked my ass.

Projection: Definitely a starter


6'3 320,
Defensive Tackle
Edwardsville HS, IL
Ratings: 86 *** 24/7, *** #28 DT #13 in Illinois Rivals
Offers: Bama, Ariz, Ark, Aub, Fla, Ill, Ind, Iowa, KU, KSU, Mich, MSU, Misery, NoIll, NW, Okie, PSU, Purd, Tenn, Wiscy

Notes: Another block-shaped dude built to plug the middle of the field and a classic example of coaches vs. "experts" when it comes to evaluating high school talent. The Rivals and 24/7 guys both like him in an upper three-star kind of way, but the list of schools offering him looks more one that you would see for a guy who's in the top three or five at his position. Maybe I'm just overthinking it or maybe it speaks to lack of depth at the position. Ever notice that it's almost like we expect a 17-year-old kid to be at a college build for the position as a senior in high school? If a kid is a high school DT prospect and, say, he's "only" 6'2" 260, he's undersized now, isn't he?

Justin Test: Splat. End of story.

Projection: Since this is a Husker site, I guess I can afford to look at a few of these guys with overly rosy glasses. I'm going with the coaches on this one and projecting a 2-3 starter who's All B1G for a couple of those years.


6'2" 195, 4.5
Wide Receiver
Montini HS, Lombard, IL
Ratings: 90 **** 24/7, **** #43 WR #9 in Illinois Rivals
: Ariz, BallSt, BC, BGSU, Cincy, Ill, Ind, Iowa, ISU, MSU, Minny, NoIll, NW, ND, Vandy, WVU, Wyo

Notes: Good hands, nice size and looks to have decent speed on film. However, ever since Illinois made punt-catcher extroadinaire, Santino Panico, their state Player of the Year, or whatever in the blue hell they called it, I've had some serious reservations about the competition level in their fine state. Yes, I know it was like 9 years ago and that his being a gutty little white guy probably had as much to do with it as anything, but still. On a side note, was anything funnier that watching Husker faithful seesaw on Westerkamp as the commitment wavered? "He's awesome! He can start right away!" "Thinking of Notre Dame? He's just an overrated white kid from Illinois. Who needs him?" "Reaffirmed his Husker commitment? Sweet! He will be AWESOME! Maybe even start right away!" I love it.

Justin Test: I'm happy he decided to ignore his parents and come here instead of Domertown. Let them buy a 20th anniversary edition of that shitfest, Rudy, if they must, but Jordan's going to be receiving his passes in Lincoln. That being said, he's a wide receiver from Illinois, and that simply doesn't scare me. I take him out.

Projection: Believe the hype, but not the part about stepping right in. I say he spends this season learning the schemes and getting some props for his scout team play and then steps in to become Nebraska's leading all-time receiver. I know, I know, sounds like a stretch..until you consider that the records are pretty damn attainable. (Catches - 166, Nate Swift, Yards - 2479, Johnny Rodgers)


6'5" 270
Offensive Tackle
Vista Murietta HS, CA
Ratings: 83 *** 24/7, *** Rivals
Offers: Fresno, Idaho, Nev, SDSU, SJSU

Notes: I know most people greeted this commitment with a big "Who the hell is this goof?" But watch the film. Justin's not lying, he's a freaking terror. And Murietta isn't some California version of Class D Nebraska. According to Maxpreps, they were the #3 team in California and the #13 team in the country. (If you've got a minute, CLICK HERE. They didn't actually get to go to the state championship tournament because of one of the jack-assiest of rulings I've ever read. Seriously.) So he was playing some pretty solid competition and dealing out the pain. He is a pancake machine. Look at what I believe is about the 1:25 mark of this film. I'm pretty sure that's a double pancake on the same play.

Justin Test: On the surface, he doesn't look like much. He's got the generic white-boy respectfully short haircut and a soul patch you kinda hope gets roughly shaved off him after the first session of two-a-days. But look closer. He's out there in Cali DESTROYING kids. I guess there is something to the notion that, hey, kids can still develop and improve their senior year. Crazy. Also, in that pic, he has a look on his face like someone made a crack while he was posing, and as soon as the pic is taken, that someone is going to have their teeth loosened for them. Pass. He'd kill my entire family if I made noises while he was kicking my ass.

Projection: Can you tell I'm high on this signing? I think he redshirts, builds some size and strength and becomes a fan favorite. Reminds me of Klachko's film. Go ahead and give him my Ultimate Sleeper of the Class award if I gave awards. Which I don't