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Off-Season Reads - July 30th, 2012

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(My apologies for the delay. I'm in the middle of packing and the dust was overwhelming last night. - SCS)

A run-down of sporting stories from yesterday covering Nebraska athletics, the Big Ten and around the world.

Kyler Reed speaks about winning the Big Ten, Iowa's AIRBHG strikes again and the Lincoln Journal Star puts up a paywall. Those stories and more below.

33 days to kickoff!

(Sites indicated by the double asterix (**) may have a limited number of views per 30 day/month period.)

'N' for 'Nowledge

Huskers Named to USTFCCCA All-Academic Lists - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Congratulations to all! (USTFCCCA is the United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association.)

Nebraska Olympic Schedule for Today: (The general schedule can be found here at the Mothership.)

* Chelsea Aubry and Team Canada take on Great Britain in Women's Basketball at 2pm CDT. It appears that if it is broadcast, it'll only be online. (Requires access to NBC Live Extra video service.)

* Jordan Larson and Team USA take on Brazil in Women's Volleyball at 10:35am CDT on NBC (and online).


Previewing the 2012 Northwestern Wildcats - Corn Nation

A preview from our own Husker Mike. How will they beat us this fall? Click to find out!

Kyler Reed: It’s Time … Big Ten Title or Bust - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Well, it's refreshing to see the team is really keen on achieving one thing: a conference championship. That's how it should be, in my opinion.

More Nebraska football and other stories after the jump!

Huskers Unveil TECHFIT Uniforms - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

If Nebraska is wearing all red...that means Wisconsin is wearing all whites right? What's Wisconsin's record in the surrender white?


I don't understand why we needed to go from this to those abominations. I mean, seriously, there had to be something better than Nerdman's rejected costume.

VIDEO: New Nebraska Football Uniforms Lead Nation In Letter Size - From Our Editors -

I think this is further proof that adidas used the same focus group as the Big Ten.

Nebraska's backfield backups ready to contribute -**

(OWH article) It would be nice to have some backups for Rex for the transition to next season.

Shatel: Pelini and his Huskers are under the radar -**

(OWH article) I'd like to see Nebraska earn the fear again.

B1G Media Days: Bo talks Taylor Martinez, assistants, defense |**

>> Bo hasn’t talked to brother Carl Pelini — Florida Atlantic’s new head coach — in "a couple months." "I haven’t talked to him this summer," Bo Pelini said. "He’s going to do it his way. I got enough to worry about."

I think that says a lot.

Pelini decries sped-up recruiting cycle : Husker Extra**

Your thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Think Pelini is just making excuses?

Bo: Nothing good comes on Twitter : Husker Extra**

No more rants about checks for a while. And stop making Bo Pelini accounts, people.

As the media mobs elsewhere, Pelini is confident : Husker Extra**

A lack of attention from the outside should help Nebraska exceed expectations, don't you think?

Pelini stresses accountability - The Grand Island Independent : Sports

Hey, remember what I said about accountability? Kind of concerning.

Best 2012 South Carolina Football Plays: Number Three, Hail Mary against Nebraska - Garnet And Black Attack

/audible sighing

//throwing of things


I distinctly remember being very angry at Pelini for fielding this team, especially once they started losing their heads in the second half. Thankfully, a cooler head prevailed.

Know Your Enemy: Nebraska - Land-Grant Holy Land

They forget that Nobel Laureate Dr. George W. Beadle, co-"discoverer" (alongside Tatum) of the one gene-one enzyme hypothesis which laid the foundation for modern biochemistry and genetics, was a Nebraska graduate (and born in Wahoo, NE). (The Beadle Center on campus was named in his honor.)


Weatherholt Wins ITA Summer Circuit Event at KU - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Congratulations to Mary Weatherholt and IU's Alicia Kauss!

Big Ten Conference

Big Ten could stick to 8 conference games on schedule | Michigan Wolverines | Detroit Free Press |

Sounds like the Big Ten believes that having strong non-conference schedules will be important heading into the playoff era. Works for me.

Iowa RB De'Andre Johnson Arrested Twice In 3 Days -

Frankly, this is kind of impressive. (Condolences to Iowa)

Penn State QB Rob Bolden Granted Release From Scholarship, Visits LSU -
I'm not sure what the author means when he suggests LSU won't need to score many points to be competitive. I'm pretty sure they lost to Alabama because they couldn't score many points. And frankly, this isn't very surprising. Bolden wanted to leave last season.

Olympics (Cont'd from above)

We'll talk about results so far for Nebraska participants tomorrow.

Olympics-Controversy stirs over out-of-sight Olympic cauldron | Reuters

I kind of feel like there had to be a way to set it up so that the public could view the cauldron too. The IOC should look into this and mandate that for the future Olympics. The cauldron represents the Olympic spirit, not corporate greed.

Other Stories

College football story lines: Reports of BCS' death exaggerated -

Well, the article is right that the BCS isn't dead. But it has already met its replacement. Considering the whole post-season championship thing in college football is a fanciful unicorn in the first place, I don't really see how the next two years should be so much more contentious towards the BCS. I think the reason we have change is because we met our limit on allowable pandering to the Southeast.

USC May Have Committed An NCAA Violation While Recruiting Silas Redd -

Irony! But really, this is a silly one.

SMU Football Player Fails To Pay Prostitute, Gets Robbed - From Our Editors -

Someone has a future in the Secret Service.

Michael Dyer Dismissed From Arkansas State -

Well...that's an unsatisfactory ending.

Lions' Ndamukong Suh sued for $1 million by passenger in crash | The Detroit News |

He has a rough start to the NFL as far as reputation. Here's hoping he can find a way to play that doesn't upset the NFL and can stay away from the wrong people off the field.

With new approach, Ndamukong Suh eager to move on in 2012 - NFL -

Good luck to him. Hope he has a better year both on and off the field.

A Country Called Niger Brings Out The Worst Tweets -

Perhaps Pelini's ban is for the best.


Finally, a brief announcement about the LJS and what it means for these posts.

Paywall goes up at LJS - BBS

Announcement at LJS (I think this qualifies as an advertisement so it shouldn't use one of your links)

This will complicate things for me. As I don't live in Nebraska, I depend mostly on the good graces of the LJS and OWH for their football coverage. With both sites now having limited access to non-subscribers (though I've never hit the wall on the OWH), I will have to change my approach. It should be noted that I don't disagree with their right to charge - it is their content being offered up for consumption and they are still a media organization involved in the sale of information. I am not protesting. But it will require me to change my approach to the Reads.

For starters, you can expect no more links to their editorials. (What's really annoying is that the LJS doesn't appear to be marking their articles to differentiate between national media and local content.) I'll also be concentrating on national media and fan-generated content (not Bleacher Report) that is offered by ad-supported or free distribution as I don't think it would be appropriate for me to link to articles that cannot be read by the average visitor.


That's all for today. Join me every morning Monday to Friday for a round-up of the day's stories. Comments, rants and cat pictures are welcome below! (Not a member of CornNation? Join today and take part in the conversation!)

Have a great Monday!

-Salt Creek and Stadium