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Nebraska's New Alternate Uniform: Good Idea, Bad Idea, or Good Idea Effed Up?

Will Compton was pretty excited when he saw Nebraska's new alternate uniforms. Mandatory Credit: Reid Compton-US PRESSWIRE
Will Compton was pretty excited when he saw Nebraska's new alternate uniforms. Mandatory Credit: Reid Compton-US PRESSWIRE

Nebraska's alternate uniforms for the Wisconsin game have generated a lot of buzz ever since the video was leaked on YouTube. The video disappeared briefly once the mistake was discovered, then reappeared underground. A couple of hours later, Nebraska officially announced the new uniform, realizing the secret was already out. The Wisconsin game also has a tag: the "Unrivaled Game". (Well, it's better than "Heroes"...)

Reaction is mixed, to say the least. Some people love it...some people hate it. Some didn't like the styling; others hate the all red look. And the YouTube video didn't help things any; for some people, the uniforms look like they are closer to Oklahoma red or even pink. Even here at CN, we have a difference of opinion, though if we were voting, the new uniforms wouldn't make it to August. Here's our impromptu discussion about the new uniform.

Mike: Uglier....than....(bovine excretement)....But it has the black helmet. The jersey appears to be modeled on the Michigan alternates from last year, but with the N from the helmet, but in black.

Bill: That looks like some DIY 3rd grade Halloween costume... yuck.

Salt Creek: I couldn't put my finger on it but that's exactly it. Wow.

dpm817: I might be the contrarian here, but I like them, quite a bit actually.

Andy: Maybe I'm the contrarian - I think they just look like a knock off of the hideous Mighty Morphin Power Ranger unis Georgia wore last year against Boise . Loved this article from EDSBS...

"The design on the far right is precisely what I and every other European homosexual man of style imagines what an American football player to look like. This football player picks up a truncheon made of Algerian goat hair and brutalizes my assistant within an inch of his life for my pleasure while I breathe pure sodium hexafluoride from an antique Turkish oxygen tank. Thus are fashion and pleasure advanced simultaneously."

Mike: You're not the contrarian. My unofficial count is running about 9 to 1 against. I think Legends/Leaders/Dungeons/Dragons polled better.

Andy: Hahaha. I feel better. Those freakin' things were embarrassing on Georgia last year (as well as their play). They remind me of Rollerball-type stuff or someone's 1970's or Starship Troopers vision of how uni's would look in the future. Are we gonna start Johnny Rico at QB?

Mike: Personally, I've found that matching pants and jersey in football is a bad look for the most part. Especially Nebraska's "Surrender Whites". The video doesn't look like scarlet, but instead seems to be closer to Sooner Red. But it's animation, so who knows what color it's supposed to be. A lot of people think it looks pink.

I hate the general design of the jersey; the big letter on the front of the jersey was ripped off from Michigan, and frankly, the Arial "N" only really works on the helmet. It's unimaginative. The only reason it's still used is because of "five national championships". Otherwise, it would have been retired a long, long time ago.

I don't mind the black helmet though, and frankly, it has a cool factor to it. Especially if you get a high gloss finish on it.

A special jersey wasn't that hard. Get a really energizing font for the number with black numerals on a red jersey, piped in white. Or a black jersey with red numerals. Or take the 1962 jersey numerals they brought back for the 300th sellout, give them a 3D treatment, and use them. But if the players like these things, fine. They have to wear 'em.

Andy: Much prefer just using a throwback as opposed to this Jetsons crap.

dpm817: I wonder what people were expecting? Wasn't the whole point to have a departure from the norm? This certainly does that. This isn't for the diehard fans anyway, it's for the casual fans, the players and recruits. I expect this to be a hit with those 3 groups. It seems to me that the more hardcore fans hate this and probably would have been impossible to please. It was going to be impossible to do something completely original.

Andy: The Maryland and Georgia unis didn't really seem to connect with any of those groups last year and resulted mostly in mocking. The Michigan/Notre Dame unis were met much more positively with the throwback look. We appear to be going with a look more like the former. So why go with something that a) 90% of their fans will hate and b) pundits will likely mock us for? Just wondering.

Jon: Sigh...

Mike: ESPN's Paul Lukas thinks we modeled it after Domino Pizza's "Noid" character.

dpm817: I don't think what we're going to see resembles Maryland at all. Georgia, I guess because the colors are similar. But otherwise, I like the direction they took it. Maybe black pants would have been good for those who don't like the mono-chromatic thing, which I'd probably include myself in that camp.

Andy: I guess I was speaking more toward the pseudo-futuristic vs. original style of throwback look. I know folks are always looking for a new revenue stream so everyone has 4-12 styles of jerseys, but I still think we should stay with our basic look/theme. Let Oregon be Oregon and leave this stuff to cash-strapped programs like the Terps. (I still don't know what the hell Georgia was thinking). I don't see Bama, LSU, Penn St., USC, Texas, Oklahoma etc. lining up for this.

dpm817: Ohio St., Florida, LSU and Oklahoma have all done it in the past when Nike was doing their pro combat thing. Perhaps a little more muted but at least in the OSU case, not significantly so. OU's was pretty bold too. I don't know how much more of that Nike will be doing in college now that they've got the NFL contract.

These are from 2009: The 2010 and 2011 versions were pretty audacious too and I believe OSU and Florida were pretty prominent in those campaigns as well.

Mike: I dunno... Ohio State didn't go outrageous.

Aaron: I don't care much for the pants/jerseys being the same color. I didn't like it in 1986, I don't care much for it now. Hopefully it will just be limited to a "once-every-25-years" thing. I also don't like the black helmet. Can't see the "N" very well. To be honest, I don't like any of the black. It just doesn't look very good at all. Maybe it's the shade of red they used. If they have to use black, it might be better to eliminate the red and use just black/white uniforms. All black/white uniforms with maybe a small Red "N" somewhere would look alright.

Maybe silver in place of all the black, but then people would just call us Ohio State (or just Ohio if you as Brady Hoke).

Found this on YouTube; most of these Husker uniform suggestions look pretty decent:

So what's your take?