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Big Ten Media Days: What would you ask?

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Are you ready for more of this?(Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Are you ready for more of this?(Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Our long national nightmare is almost at an end. Like Gandalf the White appearing at Helms' Deep, the Big Ten Media Days arrive to herald the end of summer. Soon we'll be treated to FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL and more FOOTBALL.

The Big Ten Media Days run tomorrow and Friday and will include lots of questioning of 18-22 year olds and their coaches. Courtesy of the Big Ten, here is a list of the players attending. I also provided the head coaches for each team as well.

West Division East Division
IOWA (Kirk Ferentz)
James Ferentz, Sr., C*
Micah Hyde, Sr., DB*
James Vandenberg, Sr., QB
ILLINOIS (Tim Beckman)
Michael Buchanan, Sr., DE*
Graham Pocic, Sr., C*
Nathan Scheelhaase, Jr., QB
MICHIGAN (Brady Hoke)
Jordan Kovacs, Sr., S*
Taylor Lewan, Jr., OT*
Denard Robinson, Sr., QB*
INDIANA (Kevin Wilson)
Larry Black, Jr., Sr., DT
Will Matte, Sr., C
Adam Replogle, Sr., DT
MICHIGAN STATE (Mark Dantonio)
Max Bullough, Jr., LB*
Andrew Maxwell, Jr., QB
Chris Norman, Sr., LB*
Zach Boren, Sr., FB
Etienne Sabino, Sr., LB
John Simon, Sr., DL*
MINNESOTA (Jerry Kill)
Keanon Cooper, Sr., LB
MarQueis Gray, Sr., QB
Ed Olson, Jr., OL
PENN STATE (Bill O'Brien)
Jordan Hill, Sr., DT*
Silas Redd, Jr., TB*
John Urschel, Jr., OG
NEBRASKA (Bob Devaney Tom Osborne Bo Pelini)
Rex Burkhead, Sr., RB*
Will Compton, Sr., LB*
Kyler Reed, Sr., TE
PURDUE (Danny Hope)
Ricardo Allen, Jr., CB*
Kawann Short, Sr., DT*
Caleb TerBush, Sr., QB
NORTHWESTERN (NU) (Pat Fitzgerald)
Kain Colter, Jr., QB*
Brian Mulroe, Sr., OL*
David Nwabuisi, Sr., LB

WISCONSIN (Brett Bielema)
Montee Ball, Sr., RB*
Mike Taylor, Sr., LB*
Ricky Wagner, Sr., LT*

* - indicates previous All-Big Ten selection

**UPDATE: Penn State players will not be attending.

While we can obviously anticipate that the "professionals" will ask questions concerning Penn State (most of them groan worthy) or Urban Meyer, there will certainly be time for other more informative intelligence gathering.

(It should be noted that I'm pretty sure by NCAA rules (even the amended ones for this particular instance) coaches cannot talk about their pursuits of Penn State transfers.)

So for today's discussion, let's ask the following: if you could ask questions that have nothing to do with the Penn State scandal and transfers, what would those questions be?

To help get you started, I've provided some of the questions brought up by the staff here at CornNation after the jump:

For the Big Ten in general:

  • Why is the Big Ten so lackluster in their bowl games? Is it talent? Or is it the distraction of traveling south of the Mason-Dixon line?

  • How much does traveling affect the play on the field?
  • How does game preparation differ between preparing for a non-conference opponent (like UCLA), a cross-over division opponent (like Wisconsin) and a division opponent (like Iowa)?
  • Which Big Ten team is Chicago's Big Ten team this season?
  • What does each coach think of the new playoff format?
  • Can the Big Ten catch the SEC without over-signing?
  • If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
  • For each team:

  • For Tim Beckman, how much of MACTION (explosive offense paired with a porous defense) does he intend to replicate in the Big Ten?

  • For Hoke, what difficulties does he foresee for Alabama? Will having to travel to JerryWorld be a distraction for the Wolverines?

  • Also for Hoke, will Michigan continue to transition into the pro-offense Al Borges prefers? Or will they stick with the spread offense they've been running with Dennard? (I think it's a spread.)

  • For Urban Meyer and Bill O'Brien, how do you keep the players motivated this season with no championship game or bowl game to play for?

  • For Dantonio, how will he manage the high expectations for his Spartans this fall?
  • For Bielema, how has the transition to a new offensive staff gone so far? Can we expect to see some new wrinkles in the Badgers' playbook? How is Danny O'Brien fitting in?

  • For Kevin Wilson and Danny Hope, what has his team been focusing on in the off-season?

  • For Jerry Kill, Coke or Pepsi?

  • For Kirk Ferentz, will Greg Davis be implementing the spread look from Texas or will Iowa's offense continue as is? Has Iowa considered abandoning the running back position?

  • For Fitzgerald, how goes the push for facilities upgrades at Northwestern? Does he think those upgrades would allow Northwestern to compete with the top of the Big Ten? What's his secret for making Northwestern such a scrappy underdog?
    • And of course, for Bo Pelini:
    • How helpful is it for Nebraska that they'll be playing essentially the same conference slate as last season?
    • Defensively, how difficult is it to prepare for the Big Ten versus the Big 12?
    • Have you seen Taylor's throwing motion? No really...HAVE YOU SEEN HIS THROWING MOTION???
    • Have you considered allowing Taylor Martinez to try out for the Nebraska shot put team?
    • Has Rex Burkhead's sweat been tested for it's magical qualities? If so, what were the results?
    • Who would win in a fist fight, Rex Burkhead or Chuck Norris?
    • Have you considered bubble wrapping your defensive tackles this offseason to avoid more injuries there?
    • Tell us more about Taylor Martinez's throwing motion please.
    • Since the spring game was cancelled, please tell us who we should have been unnecessarily hyping over the summer.
    • Does Jamal Turner understand what a post route is yet?
    • Is Rex Burkhead's favorite superhero Rex Burkhead?
    • Will you continue to be (mostly) unnaturally calm?

    So how about you? As actual fans of the sport, what questions would you have? If you were a betting person, what would you peg our chances of getting our hypothetical media credentials revoked for asking the above?

    Questions, comments, cat pictures and concerns go below. Not a member of Corn Nation? Join today and give us your thoughts!

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