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NCAA Hammers Penn State

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He's Bad, Bad, Mark Emmert, baddest man in the whole damned town.... that doesn't work, does it? (I was going for Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown by Jim Croce).

The NCAA, or Big Bad Mark, announced their sanctions against Penn State. Those sanctions include:

  • Four-year postseason ban
  • $60 million fine, to go to an endowment for children's charities
  • 10 incoming scholarships lost first year, 20 scholarship deduction for four years (more or less an entire roster worth of scholarships)
  • Vacation of all wins from 1998 through 2011 (meaning Joe Paterno now ranks seventh among all D1 coaches in wins)
  • Five years probation
  • Penn State players can transfer immediately without penalty
And there you go. Now we know what a child rape is worth in terms of football.

Is it enough? Does everyone feel better now, as if justice is served that the football program got it's ass kicked into the dirt? Or do you want more (because the Big Ten has yet to level it's wrath)?

Given these sanctions, the NCAA might as well just given the Nittany Lions the death penalty as our cross-division rival becomes the equivalent of a one-legged Iowa State.

Do I agree with these penalties? It's pretty clear I don't. I don't understand why criminal and civil penalties aren't enough. I don't understand why the NCAA felt the need to get involved, honestly, although I'm sure they felt public pressure enough to do something. I'm sure the Big Ten and Jim Delany will do the same. We'll just have to wait and see later today.