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Off-Season Reads - New Era for NCAA?

Obviously the big news for today is what the NCAA announces concerning Penn State. The NCAA will make its announcement at 8am CDT.

The regular links post will arrive at 6am CDT. I figured a separation would be appreciated.

NCAA and Penn State

My Way News - Penn State president orders Paterno statue removal

Can't really fault them in their decision.

Penn State Players React To Scandal, Removal Of Joe Paterno Statue -

I feel really bad for these players. Hopefully the NCAA remembers they weren't responsible for the actions of their head coach or his superiors.

Penn State Scandal: Recruits Confirm Commitments Despite Pending NCAA Sanctions -

Well, let's wait and see what happens. Nice to see the kids are waiting before making a decision.

Penn State to be hit with major sanctions by NCAA -

From the rumors I've seen, I have to agree that it is all but the death penalty. They'll be allowed to compete but it'll be a tough go.

Penn State Trustee Blasts 'Pansy Presidents' For Giving NCAA's Mark Emmert Authority -

Strong words for an organization that bungled their response to the scandal.

NCAA could fine Penn State as much as $60M as part of Sandusky sanctions -

That's a lot for an athletic department to take on without hurting. I'm not sure if Nebraska or even Texas could take a hit like that.

Editorials after the jump.

Penalties could transform Penn State from powerhouse to patsies - NCAA Football - News, Scores, Stats, Schedule and BCS Rankings

Mark Emmert has been a man about speed and accountability since becoming NCAA president. Dennis Dodd says he'll become a man of his word as Penn State braces for his swift, perhaps crippling judgment on Monday.

NCAA President To Give Penn State 'Unprecedented,' 'Crippling' Punishment -

Now we have a man consolidating a never-before-seen amount of institutional power for himself in order to punish a school for letting a man have too much power, days after we all laughed at the Big Ten for wanting to do the same. This is going to change things.

Is this the NCAA we want?

Mark Emmert's swift, bold action against Penn State might mark a new era in NCAA enforcement - Yahoo! Sports

What is striking to me is Emmert's maneuvering around the standard investigation procedure for the NCAA. It sets up a dangerous precedent for future violations. While the Freeh report was prepared independently, it should still be subject to scrutiny. It would seem to me that two weeks is hardly enough time to fully vet the findings. Of course, it also seems like with the pending civil suits and possible sanctions from the federal government, it seems like Penn State figured if they could get something as seemingly irrelevant as sanctions for their football program out of the way, it would help set the path going forward.

Penn State sanctions were hastily reached by NCAA's Mark Emmert and are anybody's guess - Yahoo! Sports

Probably by the time you find my links piece for today, we'll know what "unprecedented" and "staggering" and "not death penalty" means as prepared by Mark Emmert and the NCAA.

Mark Emmert's Show Court: The Grandstanding Penn State Sentencing - Land-Grant Holy Land

An interesting take on Emmert's move.

And then there's still the Big Ten to act...

Iowa president: Big Ten might also punish Penn State –

What would the Big Ten do? I just don't see them finding eight votes for expulsion.


A sad day, really. Please be respectful in your comments and keep in mind that most of the Penn State community is just as appalled, disgusted, disappointed and frustrated with the former Penn State administration as we are.

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