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EA Sports 13 - Anybody Out There?

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My name is Jon.

I'm a gamer.

I admit to having an addiction to games because some days you just want to come home, kill people and blow things up. Or in mid-July, you want to play football and crush your enemies just like you do in Battlefield 3 or COD. That involves EA Sports NCAA '13, where you can swap out Taylor Martinez for another quarterback because, well, you just can if you want.

I wasn't going to do it this year, but I went out and got the '13 version.

This year's big change is the "Heisman Challenge" where you can use past Heisman winners on your team. That means I can swap Martinez for, say, RGIII. Robert Griffin III is, well, RGIII in the game. Dynamic, great passer, same dude you'd expect. First game of the 2012 season and of the first three passes I threw to Husker receivers, two were dropped (Oh, I hope that's so last year's news).

You can use Jim Plunkett if you want. Jim Plunkett, for crying out loud. The one thing I remember about Plunkett was a guy at one of our high school assemblies stating flat out that Plunkett's arm was so strong that if he threw the ball at an unprotected person (I think he meant he meant "pads", really but in 1975 or so "unprotected" so you know didn't have nothin' to do with sex) and hit them in the chest it would kill them.

I still love the "Road to Glory" piece because it allows me to pretend that I'm a damned good high school football player on my way to stardom and babes and a Division IA full-ride scholarship at a big name school or in other words, something I could have never done in real life because I was at best an average high school athlete (that's actually not true, I could have competed at Division IA, I'm just trying to be nice*).

Honestly, because of the level of simulation the game can be intimidating. Hate to say it, but my reaction time sucks eggs, and I don't do all the jumping, spinning, hand-switching, hot-routing stuff that's available. I don't go online to play because I figure I'm just going to get completely destroyed, although I wouldn't mind finding out what's going on online.

I would be interested in knowing how many of y'all CNers play NCAA '13, and how many play online - if there's already a league of Husker fans to join, or if one needs to be started, or if there isn't enough interest for anyone to give a damn. If there's a place for a CN league, I'd like to know.

*If when I was growing up the world would have been struck by a pandemic that killed off 90% of the human population_______________________________________________________________________________

This post was sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Check out the video for the game below.