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Johnny Stanton Impressing at the Elite 11 Quarterback Finals

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Johnny Stanton may have been one of the last names announced for the Elite 11 Quarterback finals, but he's leading the rankings on the next-to-last-day after an impressive performance so far. His impressive performance has led him to the top of the first two sets of staff rankings.

Of course, shortly thereafter, Stanton threw two straight interceptions... But even so, Nebraska's prized quarterback commitment is putting on a good show in California.

That also means that other schools will likely show interest in Stanton. KOZN (1620-AM in Omaha) radio host Mike'l Severe suggests that Stanton could still be swayed if Southern Cal or Stanford shows interest. Makes sense for a California kid to show interest in California schools. Not like an Elite 11 quarterback has ever changed his mind after committing to Nebraska before.

Stanton has been compared to Tim Tebow ("Johnny Tebow") and Jake Locker as of late. It's a perception issue that emerges when dual-threat quarterbacks are compared with the pure passers. Of course, dual threat quarterbacks are receiving more respect than ever before. Tebow has been effective in the NFL, and Cam Newton was last year's steal of the year if you had the foresight to pick him up in the late rounds of your fantasy football draft last year.

It's a long way until signing day, and a lot can happen from here. Players and schools will change their minds, and what happens now is irrelevant if Stanton doesn't sign with Nebraska in February.