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Off-Season Reads - July 18th, 2012

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A run-down of sporting stories from yesterday covering Nebraska athletics, the Big Ten and around the world.

Yoshi Hardick watches Dance Moms, the NCAA starts an investigation at Penn State as a result of the Freeh report and a drunk German can turn anything into a sport. Those stories and more below.

45 days to kickoff!

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First, a reminder that the off-season is way too long.


Underachievers: Nebraska can and should live up to preseason expectations | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Nebraska has the roster and the coaching staff to be the best team in the Legends Division and perhaps the Big Ten as a whole, but they need to get out of their own way mentally or they'll be doomed to repeat the mistakes from a year ago.

About what most of us have been thinking, I would say.

Martinez, other QBs share bond on field |

Oh, I think it would be marvelous to have an entire batch of elite QBs who throw like Martinez. ESPN's pundits wouldn't know what to do with themselves.

More football and other sports after the jump!

Amukamara hopes donation 'sparks' Lincoln High

It's a testament to the program and the culture at Nebraska as a whole that we have these stories about many of our star players who go on to personal success.

30 yards: Suh-weet return against the Buffs

It was the whipped topping to Henery's ice cream sundae. (And again, defensive touchdowns are the best.)

Alex Henery 57 yard field goal - Radio Call - YouTube

And what a wonderful sundae that was. IT'S STILL GOOD. And still gives me goosebumps.


What do you think? Would you want to see Nebrasketball take on Mizzou?

And here's Coach Miles with a quick update on Nebrasketball.


Oversigning Leave Big Ten at Disadvantage

Apparently oversigning isn't just a topic of debate for football.


As Olympics near, forecast is gloomy, even by London standards -

Oi. Hopefully the Games bring a little more cheerfulness.

Olympics-Swimsuits that turn athletes into barracudas | Reuters

The work that goes into these swimsuits is amazing but I wonder if it takes away from the sport, just a little bit. If we're more worried about times than the actual competition, why not just turn swimming events into time trials and have only one swimmer in the pool at a time?

Other Stories

NCAA boss won't rule out death penalty for Penn St - Yahoo! Sports

I've been avoiding anything to do with Penn State due to its coverage elsewhere, including the Mothership and OTE. But now that the president of the NCAA has spoken up and that they've begun investigations as a result of the findings of the Freeh report, I felt it was necessary to include. That the option of shutting down Penn State football remains on the table is particularly worth noting - this would obviously have far-reaching effects on Nebraska and other Big Ten schools. (Please be respectful if you chose to comment here.)

North Carolina's new athletic director out to clean up program mired in growing academic scandal - Yahoo! Sports
Flying under the radar, UNC is crawling out from the wreckage of their own institutional failures. In their case, students' educations were cheapened at the cost of athletics. Let's be glad that so far, it seems none of this is happening at Nebraska.

SEC Football Media Days 2012: For All Of The Golden Flakes -

The Mothership has SEC Media days covered. Take a look at our rivals down south. (The Ol' Ball Coach isn't afraid of Nick Saban.)

SEC newbie Missouri raises stakes with tough talk at Media Days - NCAA Football - Sporting News

"It’s not all 12 teams who are dominating everybody," Moe said. ‘It’s one or two (teams). The rest are kind of … average." - T. J. Moe (remember him?)

Oh look, Mizzou had the courage to say what we've all been thinking.

Four And Out: Looking At The Key Non-Conference Games, Week 1 - Off Tackle Empire

OTE takes a look at the key non-conference games in Week 1. Nebraska-Southern Miss doesn't make the cut but then, they have a lot of youth, particularly at the QB position and a new coaching staff. Still dangerous but we should take care of business. I do feel bad for Iowa that they have to play at Soldier Field.

College football: Football too powerful at many schools -

While I disagree with the comparison of the Penn State scandal and Tresselgate (as far as their seriousness and the fans' response), I can agree with the notion that to some degree college football has gotten out of control. Where are the (credible) watchdogs?

Do college football coaches become campus deities? | Get Schooled

I think we can all agree that college football can reach mythical heights and that it may not be healthy. But beyond admonishing people for getting so caught up in the game, how can you stop people from being passionate about the sport?

Mother's fundraising efforts inspire McBride

McBride, who spent 23 years as an assistant football coach at Nebraska, the last 18 as defensive coordinator, will speak at the foundation’s Big Red Night banquet Friday at the New World Inn in Columbus.

Drunk German Soccer Fans Present Strong Case For 'Parallel Parking' As Olympic Event - From Our Editors -

This is why the football off-season is too long.


That's all for today. Join me every morning for a round-up of the day's stories. Comments, rants and cat pictures are welcome below! (Not a member of CornNation? Join today and take part in the conversation!)

Have a great Wednesday!

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