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Nebraska Sucks At Embarrassing Itself (And Why That's Bad)

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Over at the mother ship, Jason Kirk recently compiled a list of the 12 Most Regrettable College Fan Pride Videos. Kirk had help from others in our college group, and as the emails nominating embarrassing videos came in, it occurred to me that I had nothing to offer with regards to Nebraska. I thought about Brown's Big Red Anthem (below), but it's not embarrassing at all, the opposite in fact, it's quite good.

I'm sure that the vast majority of Husker fans are happy that Nebraska's student athletes or fans haven't released videos of this nature as to save other fans any embarrassment.

Have Nebraska's student athletes never released such videos because of a lack of talent or is it because the athletic department controls them so tightly that the AD isn't going to allow this sort of tomfoolery?

Let's assume, given Bo Pelini's recent ban of Husker players from using twitter, that Husker student athletes are limited by what they're allowed to do. Such restrictions don't apply to Husker fans, so what reasons are there for a lack of "fan pride" videos* supporting our beloved sports teams?*

Is it because of a lack of talent?

I find that hard to believe, although It's likely there is more country and western talent available than rap. Even if that's the case, it still doesn't explain why some Husker fan hasn't yet released "Butchering A Hog Named Iowa" while filming the whole thing for youtube.

It's not as if doing fan pride videos take a huge amount of resources. You could easily do one in your kitchen, for example. (Video is NSFW due to language.)

Or is the reason for a lack of fan pride videos by Nebraska fans because they find themselves controlled not by an athletic department, but by the culture of Nebraska football?

*I'm not talking about videos where fans are using Powerpoint slide presentations while playing music they didn't compose. I'm talking about original creations, or at the least, spoofs of existing songs and video that doesn't include game highlights.