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Off-Season Reads - July 17th, 2012

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A run-down of sporting stories from yesterday covering Nebraska athletics, the Big Ten and around the world.

A Nebraska recruit talks about time travel Jordan Larson leads Team USA to victory and the Dairy Store is the best restaurant in Lincoln.

But before that, we'll start on a more serious note with a call to action from Kent Pavelka on behalf of the Budge Porter Project.

(Click here for a short video; Requires Shockwave.)

Budge Porter is a former Nebraska Cornhusker who was paralyzed in 1976 at a practice while attempting a tackle during his redshirt season. You can read about his remarkable journey since here. With the challenges of aging and expensive medical costs stacking up for Budge, friends of the Porters are banding together to update the Porter's home.

From the project's website:

The BUDGE PORTER PROJECT is a grassroots effort started by a small group of Budge's closest friends that have come together to design and build a wheelchair accessible, mobility equipped and therapeutic home for an inspirational man and his deserving family.

Our immediate goal is to raise $150,000 so we can customize this home to accommodate all of Budge's disability needs as he ages.


Ultimately, our hope is that this innovative home design will serve as a blueprint for others to learn and benefit from that need accessibilty and mobility solutions for their home. The success of this PROJECT is extremely important to us for helping Budge and for the prospect of assisting other physically challenged people in the future.

Please consider making a gift to support the project and to help a former Cornhusker and his family.

Thank you on behalf of those involved.

Today's stories after the jump.

'N' for 'Nowledge

UNL | News Release | UNL research to power handheld traumatic brain injury diagnostic device

UNL researchers develop a blood test that may be able to indicate the severity of brain damage. Exciting implications for this technology if it works out.


If you enjoy talking or reading about Nebrasketball, you should give BT Powerhouse - For Big Ten Basketball Coverage a visit.

It's Nebraska Week! Head on over for their insights and discussions about the state of Nebrasketball and whether Miles' energy will be enough to overcome the activation energy of our program. (SCIENCE JOKE.)

(Activation energy is the level of energy required to drive a chemical reaction forward.)

Monday's story: Miles to go, but Nebraska is headed in the right direction - BT Powerhouse

Tim Miles is the most significant change in a complete overhaul of basketball culture for Nebraska.

Can't argue with that.

(When you're done visiting our friends at BTP, come back here to CN to talk about football.)


Tight end recruit Greg Hart sees open canvas at NU -

What do you think? Would you be okay with Kansas 2007's offense?

Big Ten players on Lombardi Award list - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Congrats to Spencer Long and Baker Steinkuhler for their selections to the Lombardi watch list. Best of luck to you both (and the team)!

CHEAP SEATS COMMENTARY: Who will be the USM QB? | Hattiesburg American |

Two writers for the Hattiesburg American debate the QB position at Southern Mississippi. As brought up in yesterday's commentary from Ellis Johnson, regardless of who gets tapped to start, none of the QBs have any college experience which means the Cornhuskers will be their first start. I do not envy them. (But hey, Brett Favre went there so anything could happen.)

31 yards: Jason Peter runs in fumble

Defensive touchdowns are the best

Nebraska game wrap (with pics!) | mgoblog

Hug your loved ones close, grab your security blanket and prepare to relieve a nightmare if you click this link. Mgoblog reviews the Cornhusker's implosion against Michigan last season. (Note, the article has a wonderful homerist's bent - for instance, they believe their special teams played well.)

College Football Bowl Projections for 2012 |

They're projecting (WAY TOO EARLY) Nebraska versus Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. These are the same people who think we have the best receiving corps in the Big Ten. I don't want to say they're over-stating their predictions; if anything they're low- balling. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP OR BUST!


Motivation is not an issue for Huskers -

Ladies' Volleyball is turning their loss to K-State into motivation for this season, an introduction to Laura Cook's backup Alexa Strange and a note on the farewell tour for the Coliseum.


Erstad no stranger to the road | The Dickinson Press | Dickinson, North Dakota

Let's hope the hard work pays off.

Norris' Reetz commits to NU baseball team

And Erstad keeps the positive press rolling.

Former Husker Asche makes the jump through the minors

A quick look at where some former Husker baseball players are playing today.

Olympics (If someone could let me know of other sports where former Nebraska athletes are competing, I'll cover those too.)

Larson leads U.S. volleyball team past Bulgaria

Former Husker Jordan Larson scored a match-high 26 points in leading the U.S. women's national volleyball team to a 22-25, 25-18, 16-25, 25-22, 15-11 win against Bulgaria on Saturday in Anaheim, Calif.

USA! (Go Jordan!)

Steven M. Sipple: Dagunduro glad to help Nigeria's Olympic basketball bid

Nigeria drew Team USA in their group play and the two teams will play August 2nd. Good luck to Ade and his teammates as they play the role of underdogs!

USA Basketball Vs. Brazil: Americans Storm Back To Win -

Team USA may be a tough act to beat.

Olympic Basketball Previews: Nigeria Makes Its Debut -

From the mothership. (No mentions of Ade Dagunduro.)

Team Nigeria Interview: Adeola Dagunduro | Team Nigeria Basketball

But no snub here.

Women's Bowling

Former Husker Wins U.S.A. Women's Bowling Championships - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Former Husker and 2005-06 NCAA Collegiate Bowler of the Year Lindsay Baker posted a tremendous performance at the 2012 U.S. Bowling Congress Women's Championships.

Congratulations, Lindsay!

Former Husker Pluhowsky Wins Again - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Former Husker All-American Shannon Pluhowsky added another victory in her already storied professional career on Sunday at the Proprietors Cup.

Congratulations, Shannon!

Big Ten

Report: ESPN reaches new Rose Bowl pact - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Good news, everyone! We'll have to hear about how important the Rose Bowl is and how we just don't get traditions and stuff until 2026 now.

Big Ten relocating headquarters to Rosemont -

NORTHWESTERN HAS ALL THE POWER. (Also, a Big Ten Hall of Fame. Frazier's probably ineligible since he didn't play in the Big Ten. Osborne too, so I guess that's one HoF that Hayden Fry will beat Osborne on the first ballot.)

Why The B1G Doesn't Churn Out Heisman Winners - Off Tackle Empire

Other than snubbing Taylor Martinez, an interesting take on the Heisman and the Big Ten.

Big Ten media days preview - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

A quick rundown about the Big Ten Media days from the WWL. I'm glad Taylor isn't making the trip. We've had enough of that ridiculous story line. YES, HE THROWS FUNNY, MOVE ON.

Spartans master own domain on defense - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Something to watch this season. Can the Blackshirts outshine the Spartans?

B1G position rankings: QB (individual) - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Indiana and Penn State will be flying with the rare 'NO QB' offenses, apparently. And if Dennard Robinson is the best QB in the Big Ten, that might explain our problems against the SEC. (Taylor is #4 and you know I'm not going to debate that. Frankly, that's where I'd put him.)

(I guess Matt McGloin (PSU) and Tre Roberson (Indiana) will have to fight for the right to #11 QB in the Big Ten?)

Here's a look at the QBs from Athlon Sports.

(Taylor is #3 here!)

Hoeghers 2012 Previews: Projected Win/Loss Records REVISITED - Off Tackle Empire

I highly encourage y'all to go check out Hoegher's series of statistical predictions for the Big Ten. Very interesting. Not flattering to Nebraska but our schedule is a beast. (If you believe math, at least.)

Other Stories

2012 SEC Football TV Schedule Filled In Through First 3 Weeks -

So you can start scheduling. But really, just don't schedule ANYTHING for Saturdays after August 30th.

UNL launches Nebraska App | Announce | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"UNL is moving services to the where the students are in terms of devices and network access," said Mark Askren, Chief Information Officer. "Students now have a much more powerful connection to UNL via their mobile device."

Kids these days...

Open house for temporary East Campus rec center is July 17 | Announce | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I'm really glad they finally managed to pass that motion. Any longer and the building would've fallen on its own. Anyone here have any unique memories from East Campus Rec? Did anyone ever get to play volleyball there? When I was a student that wasn't allowed because of something to do with the ceiling. Asbestos or fragility or something.

Bishop leaving KLIN for Omaha station; Sharp returning to state

And the deck keeps shuffling following Kugler's departure for a full-time position with BTN.

Website ranks Dairy Store as Lincoln's top restaurant | Announce | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lazlo's is much better. I hear Misty's is pretty good as well. Come on, internet. Beer vs Milk? No contest.


That's all for today. Join me every morning for a round-up of the day's stories. Comments, rants and cat pictures are welcome below!

Have a great Tuesday!

-Salt Creek and Stadium